Tell-tale signs Mary Fowler and Nathan Cleary were in a relationship as they confirm couple status

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Australia's hottest romance was confirmed connected Wednesday erstwhile NRL superstar Nathan Cleary was spotted connected a day pinch Matildas striker Mary Fowler successful Perth.

Rumours of a sporting romance person been rife for months pinch nan brace powerfully linked during and aft nan Women's World Cup successful Australia.

Fowler, 20, returned to nan United Kingdom aft nan tourney to play for nine broadside Manchester City while Cleary, 25, won a 3rd NRL premiership connected nan bounce pinch Penrith.

But their narration has heated up this week aft Fowler returned to Australia for nan Matildas' world games against Iran, nan Philippines and Taiwan, culminating successful a romanticist day astatine a parkland connected Wednesday.

Here, Daily Mail Australia takes a look astatine each nan tell-tale signs that Cleary and Fowler were successful a relationship.

Mary Fowler and Nathan Cleary confirmed their romance connected Wednesday successful Perth 

The crystal pick date

Tentative reports of a imaginable narration first emerged successful August erstwhile Cleary and Fowler were said to person gone for crystal pick together pursuing a promotional event successful Sydney.

The brace are some marque ambassadors for Adidas and were seen enjoying a saccharine dainty pursuing a time pinch nan sports giant.

At nan time, fans spotted that they followed each different connected Instagram but had not stock photos of 1 different connected their pages. 

Cleary's campy insisted that nan drawback up was 'just crystal cream' but fans were unwilling to judge that mentation truthful easily. 

Riverside walk

Following reports of nan crystal pick date, nan first photos of Cleary and Fowler together came to light, pinch nan duo enjoying a locomotion together on nan Nepean River during Australia's World Cup campaign.

The photograph of nan mates enjoying immoderate caller aerial is understood to person been taken connected August 8, 2 weeks anterior to nan Adidas meeting.

'We were going for a locomotion on nan Nepean River erstwhile we saw them,' a Penrith resident who saw nan mates said. 

Nathan Cleary (right) and Mary Fowler (left) were spotted connected a riverside locomotion successful August

'They were taking photos and talking pinch different locals, and stepping up and down nan Nepean River together for rather immoderate time.' 

Cleary and Fowler were seen smiling together while wearing Adidas clothing. The footy prima reportedly stopped to talk to immoderate fans during nan walk. 

Cleary watches nan Matildas

Things went quiet for a mates of months aft nan Matildas' fairytale World Cup travel came to an extremity and Fowler returned to nan UK, but nan rumour mill ignited again erstwhile Cleary was spotted astatine Perth's Optus Stadium for Australia's 8-0 triumph complete nan Philippines.

Fowler, successful Western Australia to correspond her country, was cheered connected by Cleary arsenic she scored for Tony Gustavsson's broadside connected Sunday.

Cleary posed for a selfie pinch Matildas fans extracurricular Optus Stadium successful Perth connected Sunday earlier nan Olympic qualifier against nan Philippines, which Mary Fowler played in

His quality astatine nan stadium almost went unnoticed earlier he was spotted by fans leaving nan crushed aft afloat time, and he stopped for selfies. 

Cleary lives successful Sydney, truthful his quality successful nan westbound was surely unexpected. 

Matildas instrumentality Annie Lewin posted nan image pinch Cleary and nan caption 'silly for nan tillies'.

A friend was speedy to fabric connected to nan Fowler nexus and replied: 'Hmmm what was Nathan doing there?'

Spotted together successful Perth

Cleary and Fowler did small to dispel nan rumours soon aft Sunday's game, arsenic they were spotted together successful Perth enjoying java connected Tuesday. 

Images surfaced of nan duo spending clip together successful Highgate, adjacent nan city's CBD, showing a relaxed Fowler wearing a achromatic singlet, shorts and sneakers pinch her hairsbreadth tied backmost and a headdress on.

The brace grabbed a takeaway java from a section cafe and were seen enjoying each other's institution and laughing, pinch an onlooker describing their relationship arsenic 'low-key but cute'. 

Mary Fowler and Nathan Cleary were pictured taking a locomotion successful Perth's CBD connected Tuesday successful nan first images of them spending clip together

'There was a feline that recognised him and they shook hands and Mary laughed, past they were conscionable laughing and stepping very adjacent together,' nan passer-by said. 

The NRL prima besides liked a station Fowler put up connected Instagram connected Monday - nan first clip he's taken that measurement connected societal media.

Park day successful Perth

The romance that everyone suspected was on, was yet confirmed by Cleary and Fowler connected Wednesday pinch nan duo seen enjoying tender moments together. 

They were seen cuddling successful a Perth parkland aft Fowler near nan Matildas' squad edifice connected Wednesday morning, grabbed a java and met up pinch Cleary. 

They could beryllium seen laying together successful nan mediate of an unfastened parkland by nan h2o - laughing, hugging, chatting, and drinking from nan aforesaid h2o bottle. 

At 1 point, Cleary took his garment disconnected and Fowler laic connected his chest. 

Romance confirmed! Fowler rested her caput connected Cleary's shirtless thorax arsenic they took their narration nationalist successful Perth connected Wednesday 

The mates were seen holding hands, laughing, chatting and hugging astatine a parkland overlooking nan h2o adjacent Perth's CBD

The stars appeared playful arsenic they laic connected nan writer - tossing quiet h2o bottles successful nan aerial and catching them arsenic he threw his limb astir her and laughed. 

They past held hands concisely arsenic they went backmost to Cleary's achromatic SUV, wherever nan mates had a little chat successful nan car earlier he drove distant and Fowler walked backmost to her accommodation.

Fowler declined to remark erstwhile Daily Mail Australia asked astir nan romanticist display, saying: 'Sorry, I conscionable want to get backmost to my hotel.'

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