Teen squatters charged with murder in death of NYC mom found stuffed inside duffle bag

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A brace of teen squatters were charged pinch execution Thursday successful nan vicious decease of a Manhattan mom whose assemblage was stuffed into a duffle container aft she recovered nan intruders wrong her mom’s apartment.

Halley Tejada, 19, and Kensly Alston, 18, were extradited from Pennsylvania to look charges successful nan decease of Nadia Vitels, a 52-year-old mom who came face-to-face pinch her alleged killers past period erstwhile she went to cheque up connected her precocious mom’s upscale pad.

Tejada was led retired of nan 17th Precinct stationhouse successful handcuffs soon earlier 2:30 p.m., pinch nan suspects now scheduled to beryllium arraigned connected second-degree execution charges successful Manhattan Criminal Court.

Murder unfortunate Nadia Vitels. Nadia Vitels, 52, was killed wrong her mother’s upscale Manhattan flat past month.

He did not respond to questions from reporters.

Police conducting a use cheque connected March 14 recovered Vitels’ assemblage wrong a duffel backmost successful a closet.

The 19th-floor flat connected East 31st Street had been vacant for 3 aliases 4 months aft Vitets’ mother’s death, according to constabulary and sources.

On March 10, Vitels, freshly backmost from a travel to Spain, stopped by to driblet disconnected immoderate things to hole nan flat for immoderate relatives to enactment location — nan aforesaid time nan 2 suspects were spotted connected information cameras stepping done nan lobby of nan building and into nan elevator.

Two days later, Vitels’ 23-year-old boy sewage a matter from his mom, but would not perceive from her again.

On March 14 nan worried boy called nan cops to behaviour a wellness cheque successful nan apartment.

Vitels’ assemblage was recovered stuffed successful nan duffel container wrong a closet pinch blunt unit injuries to nan head, aggregate facial fractures, a encephalon wounded and 2 surgery ribs, according to police.

The 2 suspects were seen connected surveillance footage fleeing nan flat and jumping into Vitels’ Lexus SUV, which they drove done New Jersey and into Pennsylvania, wherever they collapsed nan vehicle.

Manhattan squatter murder. Police said Nadia Vitels was preparing her dormant mother’s flat for relatives erstwhile she stumbled onto 2 squatters and was beaten to death. Her assemblage was stuffed successful a duffel container and shoved into a closet. Kevin C. Downs for NY Post

The pair, who besides utilized nan dormant woman’s in installments paper while connected nan run, were taken into custody successful Lower Paxton Township and held pending extradition backmost to New York.

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