Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce is lampooned for his fashion-forward 'gameday fits' by brother Jason: 'Some people play football and some people play dress up... I don't play dress up'

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  •  Fans began paying other attraction to Travis Kelce's outfits owed to Taylor Swift
  •  Unlike astir players astir sports Jason Kelce does not dress up for gamedays
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By Tyrell Feaster For Dailymail.Com

Published: 00:59 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 01:11 EDT, 1 November 2023

Kanas City Chiefs tight extremity Travis Kelce defended his manner decisions to relative and Philadelphia Eagles halfway Jason connected nan latest section of their podcast, New Heights. 

During nan clip, nan 2 were reacting to a image posted by NFL web of Eagles violative tackle Lane Johnson dressed up successful 1 of Jason's 'gameday fits,' which consisted of a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops.

'Shocker, Jason's crippled time fresh is nan aforesaid fresh he wears everyday,' nan Eagles halfway said to statesman his rant. 'What nan f*** do I attraction astir a gameday fit?

'Some group spell to play shot and immoderate group play dress up. I don't for illustration to play dress up. I for illustration to play football.'

'I'm not gonna spell shopping, colour coordinating, getting belts and shoes and each this s***just to spell play football. I don't get it for a f***ing second. What is nan point? I don't get it.'

Jason Kelce poked nosy astatine his relative Travis during a rant astir players gameday outfits

One of Travis Kelce's outfits drew other attraction from fans pursuing his narration pinch Taylor Swift

One of Travis' outfits drew other attraction pursuing his narration pinch Taylor Swift becoming nationalist news.

'Maybe you tin explicate it to me, because you do it,' Jason continued earlier allowing Travis to interject. 

Kelce attempted to respond to his brothers rant by saying: 'My gameday fresh is my regular time fresh too. So I cognize precisely what you're talking about.'

Jason quickly countered by saying: 'Travis. Travis. You person not worn thing nether $100 to a game.'

Travis Kelce has besides shown up to games successful very basal non-fashion guardant outfits this year

Travis past made a joke astir nan flip-flops Jason was wearing successful nan video.

Unlike Jason, galore players astir nan NFL arsenic good arsenic sports successful wide for that matter thin to deterioration fashionable outfits to games. 

Many of nan players are astir known for putting together flashy outfits are besides immoderate of nan champion performers connected either nan shot section aliases successful their respective sport.

It is besides worthy noting that Travis has besides worn plain sweatsuits to games some earlier and since his narration pinch Swift, and that he is not 1 of nan athletes who tends to move gameday into a manner show.

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