Taylor Swift Replaces Herself At No. 1 On The Hot 100–Again

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Taylor Swift is successful complaint of nan Hot 100 this week. That's not usual, particularly this year, but this frame, she manages nan near-impossible arsenic she controls nan astir important songs floor plan successful America.

“Cruel Summer” returns to No. 1 connected nan Hot 100 yet again. The tune lifts from No. 6 to nan apical spot, regaining power complete Billboard's ranking of nan most-consumed tracks successful nan U.S. The poppy trim from her medium Lover has now led nan complaint for 3 nonconsecutive turns.

As “Cruel Summer” gains again, Swift grabs nan No. 1 spot connected nan Hot 100 from herself. Last week, nan vocalist owned nan database pinch her latest chart-topper, “Is It Over Now? (Taylor’s Version) [From nan Vault].” That tune debuted successful first spot aft nan merchandise of her caller medium 1989 (Taylor’s Version). “Is It Over Now?” was 1 of nan marque caller cuts featured connected nan re-recording, and fans sent it correct to nan summit.

Amazingly, erstwhile “Is It Over Now?” arrived atop nan Hot 100, it replaced Swift’s “Cruel Summer.” That intends that nan Grammy victor and existent nominee has owned nan highest abstraction connected nan floor plan for 4 weeks successful a row, replacing herself connected nan throne doubly during that time.

“Cruel Summer” performs truthful good this clip astir acknowledgment mostly to its occurrence astatine radio. The summertime trim is simply a non-mover astatine No. 1 connected Billboard's Radio Songs chart, wherever it has tally nan show for a period now. It besides did good connected streaming platforms, and it ranks astatine No. 8 connected nan Streaming Songs chart, returning to nan apical 10, according to Billboard.

As “Cruel Summer” ranks astatine No. 1 again, “Is It Over Now?” doesn’t autumn very acold from nan highest rung connected nan tally. This turn, successful its 2nd week connected nan list, it dips to No. 3. nan different six songs that Swift placed wrong nan apical 10 connected past week’s Hot 100 are each gone from nan region.

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