Taylor Swift Matches Olivia Rodrigo With Another Global No. 1 Single

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Taylor Swift is nan astir celebrated musician successful nan world correct now, truthful it makes consciousness that she would besides declare nan No. 1 opus connected nan planet. The superstar’s existent azygous “Cruel Summer” lifts from nan runner-up rung to a caller precocious of No. 1 connected this week's version of nan Billboard Global 200. The play floor plan ranks nan astir consumed songs each astir nan world, utilizing a methodology that looks astatine some income and streams.

“Cruel Summer” marks Swift's 3rd No. 1 deed connected nan Billboard Global 200. With different victor to her credit, she is now tied for nan astir leaders of each clip among women. Before Swift, Olivia Rodrigo was nan only female to declare 3 leaders connected nan worldwide tally.

Looking astatine each artists, Swift is now tied for nan 3rd astir No. 1 hits ever connected nan Billboard Global 200. In summation to being connected nan aforesaid level arsenic Rodrigo, she is besides tied pinch rapper Drake who has likewise accrued a trio of champions.

All artists travel successful down K-pop superstars BTS, who predominate this ranking for illustration nary other. The seven-member vocal set has charted, appropriately, 7 No. 1s connected nan Billboard Global 200. In betwixt BTS and Swift, Rodrigo and Drake, is Latin musician Bad Bunny, who has snagged 4 No. 1s.

Swift claimed her leader connected nan Billboard Global 200 backmost successful 2021. That year, her azygous "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)" yet deed No. 1 years aft it was initially released. The way regained fame aft she re-recorded it and extended its length, making its merchandise an event. In 2022, she doubled her full count of champions arsenic “Anti-Hero” opened successful first place.

Both "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)" and “Anti-Hero” were instant No. 1s, arsenic they debuted atop nan tally, while “Cruel Summer” had to activity its measurement to nan summit. 2023now marks nan 3rd twelvemonth successful a statement that Swift has charted a No. 1 connected nan Billboard Global 200.

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