Taylor Swift 'got Kanye West kicked OUT of the stadium at the Super Bowl after he bought tickets directly in front of her VIP suite to steal the limelight', ex-NFL player incredibly claims

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Taylor Swift allegedly had Kanye West removed from his seats astatine Allegiant Stadium aft nan rapper tried to upstage her astatine nan Super Bowl connected Sunday, according to erstwhile NFL prima Brandon Marshall. 

The popstar, 34, shouted connected her fellow Travis Kelce and nan Kansas City Chiefs arsenic they sealed back-to-back Super Bowl victories pinch a 25-22 overtime triumph complete nan San Francisco 49ers. 

The songstress has attended respective of nan tight end's NFL games and has regularly attracted attention, being shown connected broadcasts watching connected from her VIP suites. 

However, Kanye was besides successful Sin City complete nan play and reportedly had plans to upstage Taylor. 

Marshall, a erstwhile wide receiver who played for a number of teams during his NFL career, alleged that Kanye had intentionally bought seats astatine Allegiant Stadium, nan location of nan Las Vegas Raiders, successful beforehand of Taylor's VIP box. 

Taylor Swift allegedly had Kanye West removed from his seats astatine Allegiant Stadium

Kanye did make it to nan Super Bowl pinch photos showing him and his wife, Bianca Censori

But his alleged plans were foiled, according to Marshall, who went connected to declare that nan Anti-Hero hitmaker 'made a call' to person him removed from nan stadium entirely. 

Marshall suggested that Kanye was strategically placing himself successful beforehand of Taylor's suite to photobomb each her appearances connected nan broadcast, erstwhile nan cameras would inevitably trim to nan woman of Kelce. 

'Taylor Swift gets p****d off. She roar boom makes a telephone aliases two. Everybody's involved. He gets kicked retired nan stadium,' Marshal said connected nan I AM ATHLETE podcast. 'He was trying to leverage her celebrity.'

However, it is unclear wherever Marshall sewage his accusation from and location is thing to propose location is immoderate truth to his allegations. 

The erstwhile NFLer did besides initially confuse Taylor pinch chap popstar Katy Perry while making his claims. 

DailyMail.com has contacted representatives for some Swift and Kanye. 

Kanye did make it to nan Super Bowl pinch photos showing him and his wife, Bianca Censori, wrong nan venue. 

The rapper was captured wearing a look covering pinch a crucifix connected nan beforehand and an all-black leather outfit pinch Censori matching him. 

Kanye was afloat stepping into force territory Sunday pinch his ex-wife Kim Kardashian besides successful attendance astatine nan large game. 

Kanye's matrimony to Kim officially ended successful 2021, and she has since begun making love Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Taylor has endured a arguable history pinch Kanye, stemming arsenic acold backmost 2009 erstwhile 19-year-old Taylor was astatine nan MTV Video Music Awards. 

Taylor's feud pinch Kim and Kanye had been bubbling to nan aboveground arsenic early arsenic 2009, seemingly retired of nan blue, erstwhile 19-year-old Taylor was astatine nan MTV Video Music Awards, accepting nan Best Female Video grant for You Belong pinch Me

The young prima was acceptinhg nan Best Female Video grant for You Belong pinch Me erstwhile retired of nan blue, Kanye burst connected to nan stage, grabbed nan microphone from her successful nan mediate of her acceptance reside and shouted: 'Yo, Taylor, I'm really happy for you and Imma fto you finish, but Beyoncé had 1 of nan champion videos of each time. One of nan champion videos of each time!'

In a bid to diffuse nan tension, Beyonce later called Taylor up connected shape erstwhile she won Video of nan Year for Single Ladies (Put a Ring connected It), and allowed nan state euphony prima a infinitesimal successful nan spotlight. 

The rapper's play pinch Taylor escalated aft she took discourtesy astatine a lyric successful his way Famous backmost successful 2016, sparking an epic feud.

The accompanying euphony video for Famous besides depicted a naked Taylor lying successful his furniture adjacent to him - on pinch a full big of different celebrities - pinch nude Kim connected nan different side.

In Famous, Kanye rapped: 'For each my South Side n****s that cognize maine best/ I consciousness for illustration maine and Taylor mightiness still person sex/ Why? I made that b***h famous.'

Kanye defended nan line, claiming he had a speech pinch Taylor astir nan lyrics successful mobility up of time, which she denied.

However, Swift continued to impeach Kanye of lying astir asking her support to reference her successful his lyrics which prompted now ex-wife Kim Kardashian to merchandise a partial signaling of nan telephone successful question.

'I'm really gladsome you had nan respect to telephone maine that and show maine that arsenic a friend, astir nan song. It's conscionable a really cool point to do, and a really bully show of friendship,' Taylor is heard saying.

Taylor deed backmost by claiming that though Kanye said done immoderate aspects of nan lyrics, she did not consent to being referred to arsenic a 'b***h.'

Taylor opened up connected nan ordeal during her question and reply pinch TIME aft being named nan magazine's Person of nan Year successful December. 

The singer, 33, who has been named TIME Magazine's Person of nan Year, dished connected nan conflict which started erstwhile Kim's then-husband Kanye West included vulgar lyrics astir her successful 2016

Taylor Swift has slammed Kim Kardashian for 'taking her down psychologically' and forcing her into hiding during their long-running feud

She said that nan nationalist fallout said it felt for illustration 'a profession death,' adding: 'Make nary correction — my profession was taken distant from me.'

Discussing nan aftermath and nan sadistic toll that it took connected her wellbeing, Taylor told nan outlet: 'You person a afloat manufactured framework job, successful an illegally recorded telephone call, which Kim Kardashian edited and past put retired to opportunity to everyone that I was a liar.'

'That took maine down psychologically to a spot I've ne'er been before. I moved to a overseas country. I didn't time off a rental location for a year. I was acrophobic to get connected telephone calls.'

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