Taylor Swift fans fume at Travis Kelce for missing 'perfect opportunity' to propose after Super Bowl win: 'What was even the point of this season?'

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  • Kelce and nan Kansas City Chiefs won a 2nd consecutive Super Bowl connected Sunday
  • Fans felt Swift's fellow should person sewage down connected 1 knee aft nan game
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By Oliver Salt For Dailymail.Com

Published: 11:08 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 11:29 EST, 13 February 2024

He whitethorn person sewage his hands connected a 2nd consecutive Super Bowl, but fans judge Travis Kelce missed nan 'perfect opportunity' to put nan icing connected nan barroom connected Sunday night.

Kelce and nan Kansas City Chiefs became nan first squad to clasp nan Super Bowl for almost 20 years successful Las Vegas, wherever they hit nan San Francisco 49ers successful nan last 3 seconds of a melodramatic overtime finale.

After lifting nan Vince Lombardi Trophy erstwhile more, immoderate fans were hoping for Travis to get down connected 1 knee and propose to woman Taylor Swift, who was cheering him connected astatine Allegiant Stadium aft making a huffy 5,500-mile unreserved crossed nan globe to watch her man successful action.

Kelce and Swift were nan fairytale communicative of nan 2024 NFL season, pinch nan popular superstar dominating headlines by attending a number of Chiefs games amid their romance.

And erstwhile nan Kansas City prima didn't complete their whirlwind twelvemonth by proposing, immoderate fans couldn't thief but consciousness disappointed. 

Travis Kelce has been slammed by fans for not proposing to Taylor Swift aft nan Super Bowl

Kelce and nan Chiefs became nan first squad to clasp nan Super Bowl for almost 20 years

Fans were hoping for nan Kansas City prima to get down connected 1 knee and propose to woman Swift, who was cheering him connected astatine Allegiant Stadium

Several users took to X aft nan crippled to definitive their disappointment that Kelce didn't do so

One wrote connected X: 'If Travis Kelce blows this opportunity to propose to Taylor Swift, he's an idiot.'

Another asked aft nan game: 'Okay is travis kelce gonna propose aliases what'.

A 3rd put: 'If Travis Kelce does not propose to Taylor Swift astatine nan 50-yard statement coming past what was moreover nan constituent of this season?'

A 4th commented: 'All that hype and attraction for their sooooooo-amazing narration which has been going connected for rather a spot of clip now, and nan cleanable opportunity and mounting for it to happen, but, alas, nary connection by 34-year-old #TravisKelce to 34-year-old #TaylorSwift'.

While 1 instrumentality admitted: 'Just mislaid $350 because travis kelce didn’t propose bully bro'.

Kelce and Swift only went nationalist pinch their romance erstwhile nan vocalist and songwriter arrived astatine Arrowhead successful precocious September to watch his crippled against nan Chicago Bears.

The mates are believed to person started making love past summer, meaning they person not yet had their one-year day together.

Travis and his team headed retired to The Strip to statement done nan nighttime in Vegas aft clinching back-to-back Super Bowls, and Swift joined them on pinch rapper Ice Spice, Blake Lively and Ludacris.

Swift and Kelce, who celebrated his triumph retired successful Vegas connected Sunday night, were nan communicative of nan 2024 NFL season

They were seen sharing a buss astatine nan triumph statement while her deed 'Love Story' played successful nan inheritance and Travis was besides connected good shape successful nan DJ booth.

Footage emerged of nan tight end, who had 9 receptions for 93 yards and zero touchdowns successful nan Chiefs' thrilling 25-22 overtime win, successful a DJ booth dancing to his girlfriend's song.

Kelce, dressed successful nan aforesaid sparkling achromatic outfit by AMIRI that was custom-made for his Super Bowl arrival, was besides seen rallying his crowd of admirers from nan booth.

The three-time Super Bowl victor grabbed nan mic and shouted, 'Let's spell Chiefs', while bopping his head.