Taylor Swift drops VERY clever Travis Kelce hint on social media as she thanks fans in Argentina after restarting Eras Tour in Buenos Aires

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By Jack Bezants For Dailymail.Com

Published: 18:36 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 18:54 EST, 13 November 2023

Taylor Swift is fond of dropping a cryptic hint successful her activity for fans to travel and aft her latest Instagram station connected Monday, nan Swifties deliberation they person spied a Travis Kelce reference.

Swift has conscionable vanished 3 dates successful Buenos Aires arsenic she resumed her Eras Tour this play successful Argentina and wrote connected Instagram connected Monday: Starting disconnected nan South American limb of The Eras Tour successful Argentina = champion determination possible. 

'I can’t moreover definitive my gratitude to nan Buenos Aires crowds. I’d ne'er been to Argentina earlier and they gave america nan astir electric, magical memories.'

And it's nan usage of 'electric' that caught nan oculus of her diligent fanbase.

Kelce often uses nan connection 'electric' to picture a bully clip - astir precocious erstwhile talking astir his quality connected Saturday Night Live alongside Swift.

Taylor Swift thanked fans for her 'electric' clip successful Argentina for her caller Eras Tour dates

Curiously, her fellow Travis Kelce often uses nan connection 'electric' successful his vocabulary 

Swift's station connected societal media connected Wednesday aft her caller limb of dates successful Buenos Aires 

'I don’t moreover retrieve what I said, I blacked out,' Kelce said connected his New Heights podcast. 'It was electrical to beryllium backmost astatine that place. There is conscionable thing astir being backmost successful that room and being their first section of nan season.'

And erstwhile Travis was talking astir Taylor's first quality astatine Arrowhead Stadium to spot him play for nan Chiefs, he said: '"I conscionable thought it was awesome that everybody successful nan suite had thing but awesome things to opportunity astir her.

'She looked astonishing and connected apical of that, nan time went cleanable for Chiefs fans. It was perfectly electric.' 

In different example, connected a different New Heights section Kelce was talking astir nan expertise and imaginable of Deion Sanders' football-playing sons Shilo and Sheduer.

'Both [of] Deion Sanders' sons are perfectly electric,' Kelce said backmost successful September. 'One of his sons had a pick-six - nan different 1 had conscionable an outstanding game.'

So possibly nan Swifties are onto something. Plenty of them had their opportunity successful nan comments nether her post.

'Electric you say? Pretty judge that’s 1 of Travis’s fav words to usage he says it astatine slightest erstwhile a podcast.. she seems to beryllium already adopting immoderate of his lingo,' 1 instrumentality wrote connected X. 

Another said: '“MOST ELECTRIC” Travis power - I person to laugh.'

Travis flew backmost to nan United States connected Sunday and is now preparing for his adjacent Chiefs crippled connected Monday, November 20 against nan Philadelphia Eagles -- nan squad his older relative Jason plays for. 

Before then, a caller section of his New Heights podcast will driblet connected Wednesday greeting pinch his Jason wherever they will talk their travels during their week off.

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