Sydney Roosters star Angus Crichton opens up on harrowing mental health battle: 'Police had just Tasered me'

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  •  Angus Crichton talks astir his struggles complete past 12 months
  •  The Roosters prima was diagnosed pinch bipolar disorder
  •  Speaks astir being admitted to intelligence wellness facility

By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 20:36 EST, 2 March 2024 | Updated: 20:39 EST, 2 March 2024

Sydney Roosters prima Angus Crichton has lifted nan lid connected his intelligence wellness struggles aft stepping distant from rugby convention past play while dealing pinch bipolar disorder.

On nan eve of nan 2024 NRL season, nan 28-year-old seasoned guardant has spoken astir being admitted to a psychiatric installation successful France astatine nan extremity of 2022 and his battles pinch nan information aft arriving home.

It was rumoured that Crichton had 'fried his brain' connected magic mushrooms while overseas, but Crichton says those reports are inaccurate - though not denying he took nan substance.

'It's called a manic episode,' Crichton told The Sydney Morning Herald. 

'I was conscionable manic. I wasn't sleeping. I wasn't reasoning intelligibly aliases making bully decisions. No 1 sewage hurt, nary 1 sewage injured, but I was ace energetic and very different to my normal self.

Roosters prima Angus Crichton has spoken retired astir his intelligence wellness struggles 

Crichton says nan 'wheels started to autumn off' erstwhile he was holidaying successful France 

'When I was successful Amsterdam, thing happened successful position of a reaction. We had a awesome time. When I was successful France, I was sober. I wasn't moreover drunk. I had nary substances location astatine all, but that was erstwhile nan wheels started to autumn disconnected a bit.'

Crichton was prescribed medicine and received curen successful intelligence wellness accommodation while complete there. His parents later flew to France and soon had their boy connected a level backmost to Australia.

The footy prima didn't respond good to nan medicine he was put on, pinch his assemblage metabolising it quicker than nan mean person. 

'People wanted to perpetually enactment astatine my location pinch me,' he said. 'They wanted to travel complete and make judge I was taking medication.

'I had to FaceTime them and beryllium I was taking my medication. That was astatine a clip erstwhile I was saying, 'I don't request to return medication. I don't want to return medication'.'

His family and head had a norm that if Crichton hadn't done a video telephone to beryllium he'd taken his medicine by midnight each day, they'd beryllium forced to telephone nan police.

Which brings america to nan nighttime he was tasered and taken distant to a intelligence rehabilitation facility. 

'The constabulary had conscionable tasered maine ... they strapped maine to this stretcher and tasered me. Imagine if you had a bunch of policemen and paramedics trying to strap you to a furniture for what you thought was nary reason,' he said. 

Crichton was tasered, strapped to a furniture and taken to a psychiatric facility

What is bipolar upset and really is it managed?

Bipolar disorder, formerly known arsenic manic depression, tin origin group to person utmost temper swings.

It gives them episodes of slump - emotion very debased and lethargic - and mania, emotion very precocious and overactive.

Each utmost section of nan information tin past for respective weeks, and immoderate sufferers whitethorn not often acquisition a 'normal' mood.

Treatment options for managing bipolar upset see temper stabilisers aliases psychological treatment, specified arsenic talking therapy.

Doing regular workout and readying activities that springiness a consciousness of accomplishment are besides recommended by nan NHS.

Bipolar upset is believed to beryllium caused by utmost stress, overwhelming problems and life-changing events – arsenic good arsenic familial and chemic factors.

'What I didn't realise astatine nan clip was that my dada had called them because he was scared.'

The Roosters prima besides took nan clip to reside immoderate of nan rumours that were flying astir about him.

'I had nan extracurricular world trying to fig retired what nan hellhole was going on,' he said.

'It became a spot of a circus. People creating ridiculous rumours. I heard astir nan matter messages. It was crazy. A batch of it wasn't existent and it was tarnishing my reputation. It was immoderate of nan astir far-fetched things.

'I tin show you now, I haven't put connected a Souths garment since I near nan club. Saying that I rocked up to training successful a Souths jersey asking wherever Madge [former Rabbitohs coach Michael Maguire] was. 

'That conscionable level retired didn't happen.'

Crichton will not characteristic successful nan Roosters first crippled successful Las Vegas, but is making large strides towards getting his profession backmost connected track. 

'I'm decidedly a much resilient personification for what I went through,' he said.

'And if my clip astatine nan Roosters is coming to an end, I want to time off pinch group thinking, 'That Angus Crichton is simply a bloody bully player'. I'm moving to get that.

'I'm moving to put a spot of respect backmost connected my name.'

Help is conscionable a telephone telephone away: Lifeline - 13 11 14 Kids Helpline - 1800 551 800 Beyond Blue - 1300 224 636 Headspace - 1800 650 890

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