Switzerland BANS 'suicide capsule' dubbed the 'Tesla of euthanasia' that was 'due to be used for the first time this month' and threatens to prosecute assisted-dying advocate behind it

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A 'death capsule' designed to transportation retired assisted suicides has been banned by prosecutors successful Switzerland weeks earlier it was group to rotation retired successful euthanasia clinics crossed nan country.

The Sarco, short for sarcophagus, would alteration nan euthanasia diligent wrong it to property a fastener and dice 'within seconds', according to nan institution down it, Exit Switzerland.

The lawsuit - which looks for illustration thing retired of a sci-fi movie and has been described arsenic nan 'Tesla of euthanasia' - fills pinch nitrogen to starve nan caretaker of oxygen, rendering nan diligent unconscious earlier they die.

Its creator, arguable assisted dying advocator Dr Philip Nitschke claims his invention could let users to dice swiftly and painlessly.

But now prosecutors successful Switzerland's Schaffhausen Canton person warned that anyone assisting personification to usage nan pods could look up to 5 years down bars, according to Swiss media reports.

The Sarco, short for sarcophagus, would alteration nan euthanasia diligent wrong it to property a fastener and dice 'within seconds', according to nan institution down it, Exit Switzerland

An early type of nan Sarco Pod, which tin beryllium operated internally and useful by reducing oxygen levels. No 1 has yet utilized it. The last prototype is successful nan finishing stages of being prepared 

Australian euthanasia activistic Philip Nitschke, nan man down nan Sarco

Public Prosecutor Peter Sticher warned of 'serious consequences' for Nitschke for 'inducement and aiding and abetting termination for selfish reasons'.

In a missive obtained by Swiss media, Sticher said: 'There is nary reliable accusation astir nan method of killing.

'[It is] wholly unclear who has power complete which mechanical process during nan dying process.'

Prosecutors opportunity that nether conception 115 of nan canton's penal code, it would beryllium intolerable to found who was responsible for nan sidesplitting and arsenic a consequence blocked nan device's introduction.

The prohibition followed aft Nitschke revealed successful an online forum connected June 10 that Sarco's deployment successful Switzerland was expected 'in nan adjacent fewer weeks.'

He said: 'The instrumentality tin beryllium towed anyplace for nan death.

'It tin beryllium successful an idyllic outdoor mounting aliases connected nan premises of an assisted-suicide organisation, for example.'

While nan Australian interrogator claims that his instrumentality would springiness group nan chance to extremity their lives successful a 'peaceful' way, pro-life groups person warned that nan sleek, furturistic looking pods 'glamorise suicide'. 

Sources told Swiss media that Exit Switzerland's preparations to present nan pods were mostly complete, and said a campaigner for nan first euthanisatio had been selected.

It is unclear who that diligent is and Dr Nitschke and his squad person neither confirmed nor denied nan reports.

In an question and reply pinch MailOnline past year, Dr Nitschke explained really his invention works.

'The personification will climb into nan machine, they will beryllium asked 3 questions and they will reply verbally - 'Who are you?', 'Where are you?' and 'Do you cognize what happens if you property nan button?'

'And if they reply those questions verbally, nan package past switches nan powerfulness connected truthful that nan fastener tin past beryllium pressed.

'And if they property nan fastener they will dice very quickly.

Australian euthanasia advocator Philip Nitschke is simply a erstwhile expert and caput of nan voluntary euthanasia run Exit International

'When you climb into Sarco nan oxygen level is 21 per cent but aft you property nan fastener it takes 30 seconds for nan oxygen to driblet to little than 1 per cent,' he said.

The doctor's plans to usage Sarco for nan first clip caused uproar from definite 'pro-life' organisations, including CARE.

James Mildred, head of engagement astatine CARE, said: 'Philip Nitschke's instrumentality has been condemned by a wide scope of commentators. 

'Many group consciousness that it trivialises, and moreover glamourises, suicide. 

'We judge that termination is simply a calamity that bully societies activity to forestall successful each circumstance. There are ethical ways to thief quality beings that don't impact nan demolition of life.'

Sarco's creators said successful 2021 that it had passed legal reappraisal successful Switzerland, wherever assisted termination is ineligible and hundreds of group usage nan services of organisations specified arsenic Dignitas and Exit (a abstracted group to that of Dr Nitschke) each year.

But Kerstin Noëlle Vokinger, a Professor of Law and Medicine astatine nan University of Zurich, said antecedently that Sarco whitethorn request to beryllium certified nether nan country's Medical Devices Act, which it is not.

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