Surviving And Thriving: The Rise Of Everviolet's Adaptive Wear Brand

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Women wearing Everviolet's adaptive-wear lingerie.


Everviolet, an adaptive deterioration brand for bosom crab survivors, was founded by Keira Kotler aft experiencing nan deficiency of comfortable and stylish options for post-surgery lingerie. Through extended investigation and collaborations pinch experts, Everviolet launched and expanded its merchandise offering to cater to nan evolving needs of women recovering from cancer, surgeries, and aesculapian treatments.

Everviolet empowers women recovering from crab and surgeries to consciousness for illustration beautiful, assured group first and patients second.

Despite facing challenges specified arsenic manufacturing setbacks during nan pandemic, Kotler's adaptability, resilience, and willingness to consult experts enabled nan institution to thrive.

Now seeking extracurricular financing to scale, Everviolet intends to make a greater effect successful nan adaptive deterioration marketplace while promoting sustainability and empowerment for women. It precocious won a assistance from IFundWomen and BOTOX Cosmetic, is undertaking a rewards-based crowdfunding run connected IFundWomen, and will activity task capital.

The Inspiration Behind Everviolet's Adaptive Bras For Breast Cancer Survivors

Keira Kotler, CEO and laminitis of Everviolet, an adaptive-wear lingerie brand.


Entrepreneurs often “scratch their ain itch.” They spot a spread successful nan marketplace and judge they are nan ones to capable it. Kotler was diagnosed pinch early-stage bosom cancer, but it had already dispersed extensively. She chose a bilateral mastectomy successful 2012 and, fortunately, hasn’t needed further treatment.

“Imagine my astonishment erstwhile getting dressed successful nan greeting became 1 of nan hardest aspects of nan journey. My aged lingerie nary longer fit,” Kotler growled. “The pieces that were designed for post-surgery were synthetic, scratchy, ugly. It really felt for illustration adding reproach to injury.”

After trying 200 bras complete six months, Kotler started speaking pinch different women and discovered this was a cosmopolitan challenge—not conscionable for women who were recovering but for women who were decades-long survivors. “There was nary marque that met their evolving needs,” she sighed. Yet, nan adaptive deterioration marketplace is forecast to beryllium $331.9 billion successful nan U.S., according to Statista.

Anecdotal grounds is good, but for a long-time marketer, it’s not capable to guidelines launching a institution successful nan adaptive deterioration space. Over nan adjacent twelvemonth and a half, Kotler conducted attraction groups and surveys. She designed and wear-tested nan bras not erstwhile but twice.

Everviolet launched nan institution arsenic an e-commerce marque and expanded from a direct-to-consumer marque sold connected its website to omnichannel distribution, including trading done online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar retailers, televised nonstop response, business pinch diligent defense groups, and recommendations of nan aesculapian community.

Trusted aesculapian professionals specified arsenic surgeons, oncologists, and nurses urge Everviolet bras. The bras are sold successful Nordstrom, which created a programme to service nan needs of women dealing pinch bosom crab aliases surgery. The company’s lingerie is featured successful QVC’s caller adaptive class connected their website and partners pinch nonprofits. For example:

  • In Everviolet’s Share The Love program, 10% discounts are offered to members of respective nonprofit communities, and past nan institution donates 10% of those income backmost to nan organization.
  • Everviolet has donated items to nan National Breast Cancer Foundation Hope Kits.
  • Everviolet co-hosts fundraising events to support nonprofits.
  • Participating successful origin trading campaigns passim nan twelvemonth to support nonprofits doing bosom crab investigation and prevention.
  • Donate bras to women who cannot spend them done various organizations.

It’s expanded its merchandise statement from bras to different lingerie, including precocious launching Maia Boy Short, addressing sensitivities pursuing pelvic, gynecological, and colon cancers, C-sections, and hysterectomies arsenic good arsenic women who request ostomy bags.

The apparel manufacture is 1 of nan astir toxic. As a wellness and wellness brand, Everviolet is each astir sustainability, from ensuring nan cloth is breathable and soft and that nan lingerie is made successful a wholly responsible way.

“For me, coming retired of illness, I conscionable wanted everything astir maine to beryllium clean,” said Kotler. Even nan packaging and shipping materials are made from recycled and recyclable materials. Products are manufactured successful mini batches and shipped play truthful everything is sold and thing ends up successful a landfill.

Resilience Is Key To Overcoming Personal and Business Challenges

Everviolet's adaptive-wear bra.


Kotler is simply a marketer who knows really to build brands and waste online but has nary apparel creation and manufacturing experience. She needed to situation herself pinch group who are experts. Kotler brought successful Meghan Sweeney Langston, who has much than 25 years successful unit manufacturing, sourcing and merchandise design, improvement and production. Kotler and Sweeny Langston activity pinch method designers who move their imaginative visions into patterns that tin beryllium manufactured.

Her advisory committee includes group who person worked astatine unit giants and large tech companies and are branding, medical, and ineligible experts. They play a pivotal domiciled successful guiding Everviolet’s strategical decisions, shaping its early direction, and ensuring its continued success. Their corporate wisdom, divers perspectives, and strategical guidance will alteration nan institution to make informed decisions, place emerging opportunities, and flooded challenges pinch confidence.

During nan pandemic, Everviolet mislaid its proviso chain. Finding a cost-efficient replacement successful nan U.S. proved impossible. Instead, a Mexican manufacturer, which primitively turned down doing business pinch a startup, heard astir Everviolet’s traction. A salesperson reached retired to Kotler. In six months, they were backmost up and selling.

Kotler bootstrapped nan institution but, to scale, she needs extracurricular financing.

In June, Everviolet was 1 of 20 companies to win a $25,000 grant, positive coaching and mentorship from IFundWomen and Botox Cosmetic. More than 6,500 had applied. The institution is presently doing a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign connected IFundWomen and will beryllium raising task capital.

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