Superstar Chef Yannick Alléno Brings Refined French Cuisine To Pavyllon London

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Pavyllon London, astatine Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane

One of nan world’s champion chefs has created a caller culinary shape successful London. Yannick Alléno, nan superstar French cook who has nabbed an awesome 15 Michelin stars, precocious made his U.K. debut pinch nan opening of Pavyllon London. Located successful Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane successful fashionable Mayfair, nan caller edifice showcases Alléno’s modern French cuisine pinch bespoke British influences.

The good eating destination offers guests a chance to acquisition Alléno’s signature culinary trademarks — namely, modern French fare grounded successful classical techniques, an innovative attack to sauce-making, and nan belief that chefs person a work to attraction for nan bully wellness of their guests — astatine his caller refined-yet-relaxed culinary theater.

"Pavyllon London is an embodiment of my lifelong dream to redefine French dining," says Alléno. "It combines my family's bistro-running bequest pinch my passion for culinary innovation. At Pavyllon London, we look guardant to welcoming our guests into nan bosom of nan action, creating interactive, little general dining, centered astir countertop seating and simply awesome food.”

Chef Yannick Alléno

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane

Chef Yannick Alléno

Pavyllon London is nan latest edifice from nan prolific French-born Yannick Alléno, nan superstar cook who’s been awarded 15 stars crossed 17 restaurants successful Paris, Courchevel, Monaco, Dubai, and Seoul. That puts Alléno connected a very short, elite database of Michelin’s most-awarded chefs comprised of himself, Joël Robuchon, Alain Ducasse, Gordon Ramsay, Pierre Gagnaire, and Martín Berasategui.

In fact, Chef Alléno’s trio of restaurants successful Pavillon Ledoyen clasp six stars (three astatine Alléno Paris, 2 astatine L’Abysse and 1 astatine Pavyllon), making it nan astir star-rated independent edifice destination successful nan world.

The lounge astatine Pavyllon London

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane

At Pavyllon London, which opened successful July, Chef Yannick delivers his signature refined French fare pinch British influences for illustration section and location produce. The food, wine, and cocktail menus besides characteristic specialty ingredients from time-honored purveyors for illustration food from Neal’s Yard Dairy and smoked salmon from H. Forman & Son successful London, and sparkling wines from Gusbourne vineyards successful Kent.

Alléno’s famed sauce-making skills and botanical extractions are connected show passim nan menus. His groundbreaking methods utilize vacuum-cooking astatine precise temperatures, followed by cryo-concentration, to procure nan purest spirit from nutrient and different ingredients. The consequence is vibrantly colored and flavored sauces that output large spirit while reducing nan magnitude of fat, sugar, and brackish traditionally used.

Pavyllon London's menus showcase refined French cuisine pinch British influences

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane

Pavyllon London’s Cuisine

Pavyllon London serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and precocious beverage daily.

Crispy prawns pinch trout roe and miso beurre blanc

Elizabeth Brownfield

A three-course luncheon paper astatine Pavyllon London mightiness see crispy prawns group atop miso beurre blanc and trout roe, reddish mullet and clams pinch chermoula and chorizo butter, and a cleanable baked peach baked successful arlette crust pinch housemade reddish berry sorbet, topped pinch crunchy crystallized mint. The good eating luncheon group is designed to beryllium eaten successful conscionable 55 minutes, meaning it’s imaginable to activity successful a decadent mid-day repast into an otherwise-ordinary activity day.

A refined type of surf and turf

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane

At dinner, guests tin opt for à la carte options and footwear disconnected their repast pinch a duo of seabass carpaccio and beef tartare pinch puffed quinoa and crispy shallot to start, aliases a comté souffle pinch watercress coulis and eel butter. Mains see a langoustine tart pinch caviar and beurre blanc, and veal cordon bleu pinch béchamel. Desserts are inventive and intriguing, for illustration roasted fig and curry crystal pick pinch fig leafage cream, cardamom pastry crisp, and flambéed figs pinch Marsala.

Highlights of nan meal tasting menus see lukewarm potatoes glazed pinch an electric-green lovage mayonnaise, a reinvented prawn cocktail pinch fennel, dill, trout roe, and parmesan, lamb chops pinch shiso coulis and anchoïade, and beef filet pinch confit pears and flambéed Cognac.

High Tea astatine Pavyllon London

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane

At precocious tea, tiers of accepted fingers sandwiches are served alongside decadent chocolates and jewel-like miniature consequence tarts, meringues, and pastries covered successful shiny reflector glaze.

A sampling of mini bites astatine Bar Antoine

Courtesy of Four Seasons London astatine Park Lane

Bar Antoine

Before aliases aft a repast astatine Pavyllon, guests tin extremity disconnected astatine Bar Antoine, helmed by Head Mixologist Michele Lombardi. The drinks paper ranges from classical cocktails to spirit-free libations, positive Chef Yannick’s signature imaginative gin & tonics made pinch seasonal fruit, vegetable, and herb extractions successful a rainbow of vibrant colors.

Michele Lombardi, Head Mixologist astatine Bar Antoine, crafts G&Ts pinch botanical extractions

Elizabeth Brownfield

Bar Antoine besides offers shareable mini plates, unrecorded jazz nights, and a beautiful outdoor terrace for warmer months.

A palette of soft blues and grays create a serene eating room

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane


A blase and serene palette of pearlescent whites, cool blues, and soft grays was curated by interior designer Chahan Minassian, nan erstwhile European imaginative head of Ralph Lauren. The inspiration? “The chic conviviality of a Parisian residence pinch nan familiarity of a British club.”

The tasteful lounge and main eating room consciousness sumptuous and serene, pinch gleaming marble, plush banquets, velvet sofas and cushions, modern art, and potted greenery for illustration fiddle leafage figs.

The chef's antagonistic offers diners a beforehand statement spot to action successful nan kitchen

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane

The serene spaces are nan perfect backdrop to showcase nan culinary action of nan unfastened kitchen, which Chef Alléno views arsenic a capacity space.

Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane

Special Holiday Meals

Pavyllon London will beryllium a destination for elevated festive vacation fare this winter, pinch typical brunch, lunch, and meal menus planned for Christmas and New Year’s.

To study much astir Pavyllon London successful Four Seasons Hotel London astatine Park Lane, aliases to book a reservation, sojourn Pavyllon London.

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