Stray Kids Tie BTS As The Only K-Pop Boy Bands With Hot 100 Hits

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NEWARK, NEW JERSEY - SEPTEMBER 12: (L-R) Changbin, I.N., Han, Felix, Lee Know, Seungmin, Hyunjin and ... [+] Bang Chan of Stray Kids be nan 2023 MTV Video Music Awards astatine Prudential Center connected September 12, 2023 successful Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)


Stray Kids are enjoying their biggest and astir important week connected nan Billboard charts. They've simultaneously shown that they tin repetition their ain erstwhile successes while increasing astatine nan aforesaid time. Oh, and they've managed to make important history arsenic well.

The group's caller azygous "Lalala" debuts astatine No. 90 connected nan Hot 100 this week. That's not a very lofty starting point, but it's not nan position that matters. The truth that Stray Kids are connected nan ranking of nan most-consumed songs successful nan U.S. astatine each is historic.

Stray Kids are now conscionable nan 2nd South Korean boy set to ace nan Hot 100. Even successful this years-long K-pop craze that has taken complete nan United States, only 2 antheral groups successful nan genre person managed to make it to nan competitory tally, and nan caller winners are successful awesome company.

BTS was nan first—and until this week, only—K-pop boy set to deed nan Hot 100. The septet first reached nan floor plan backmost successful 2017 pinch "DNA." The tune grounded to participate nan apical 40 aliases moreover nan precocious half of nan ranking, but it wasn't agelong earlier nan group quickly bested their first showing.

Thus far, BTS has sent 27 songs to nan Hot 100. That sum includes 10 apical 10 smashes and half a twelve No. 1s. Despite being connected hiatus, nan set still managed to push a caller single, "Take Two," to nan tally a fewer months ago.

Looking astatine each K-pop acts, nan number of names who person reached nan Hot 100 expands significantly. More than half a twelve bands person done so, pinch woman groups acold outnumbering their antheral counterparts erstwhile it comes to occurrence connected nan charts—at slightest successful position of nan sheer number of acts who person placed connected nan list.

“Lalala” serves arsenic nan lead azygous from Stray Kids’ caller EP Rock-Star. The group opens astatine No. 1 connected nan Billboard 200, giving nan group their 4th leader. Until this week, nan set held nan grounds for nan philharmonic enactment pinch nan astir chart-toppers connected nan Billboard 200 without reaching nan Hot 100—a title that they person thankfully passed on.

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