Steelers linebacker TJ Watt picks up a sack WITHOUT his helmet on after losing it during game against the Tennessee Titans

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  • Watt entered nan crippled tied for 3rd successful nan NFL pinch 8.5 sacks successful nan season 
  • He has been playing done a manus wounded aft dislocating his digit midgame 
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By Tyrell Feaster For Dailymail.Com

Published: 23:00 EDT, 2 November 2023 | Updated: 23:02 EDT, 2 November 2023

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt picked up a sack during their crippled against nan Tennessee Titans contempt losing his helmet connected nan play.

The play occurred during nan first 4th of Thursday night's brushwood erstwhile Watt was capable to unit his measurement past Titans correct tackle Nicholas Petit-Frere earlier bringing down Tennessee backmost Will Levis.

Petit-Frere's manus was seen making nonstop interaction pinch nan halfway of Watt's facemask, earlier nan Steelers' leader successful sacks shed nan artifact and his helmet successful nan process.

Levis had been trying to tally astir nan pouch successful hunt of either a spread to tally done aliases abstraction to propulsion nan shot erstwhile he maneuvered his measurement into Watt's grasp.

Petit-Frere was besides called for an 'illegal hands to nan face' punishment which Pittsburgh elected to diminution and bring connected 4th down.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker TJ Watt picked up a sack aft losing his helmet connected nan play

Watt was capable to wrap up Tennessee Titans backmost Will Levis contempt being helmetless

The 29-year-old Watt came into Thursday successful a three-way necktie for 3rd spot successful nan convention successful sacks pinch 8.5.

He was tied pinch Cleveland Browns superhuman prima Myles Garrett and New York Giants separator rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux.

Along pinch nan 8.5 sacks, Watt recorded 18 tackles, a forced fumble and an interception.

Watt has besides been playing pinch a manus wounded that seemingly has not been stopping his power against defenses.

Earlier successful nan play it was reported that Watt dislocated his digit and tore aggregate ligaments during nan Steelers 17-10 triumph complete nan Baltimore Ravens. 

Watt had popped nan digit backmost into spot during nan crippled and went connected to miss nary clip owed to nan injury.

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