St Louis Cardinals 'won't have blue jerseys until JUNE' as Fanatics MLB kit disaster hits a new low, while Seattle Mariners 'are STILL waiting for their Sunday cream' shirt' - after players said they 'HATE' 2024 season designs

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By Leocciano Callao

Published: 13:03 EDT, 4 April 2024 | Updated: 13:19 EDT, 4 April 2024

The St. Louis Cardinals and Seattle Mariners sewage nan short extremity of nan instrumentality arsenic Fanatics' MLB jersey disaster deed a caller low.

On Thursday, Kyle Corwin reported that nan Cardinals will beryllium without their triumph bluish jerseys until June. Meanwhile, nan Mariners are still waiting for their pick jerseys to arrive.

'According to reports, Fanatics cannot vessel them until they get them successful stock,' Corwin wrote connected X (formerly Twitter).

On Sunday, T-Mobile Park's X relationship shared that nan Mariners would deterioration their achromatic jerseys earlier a crippled against nan Boston Red Sox. The team's relationship highlighted nan business aft a instrumentality asked astir nan 'Sunday cream' jerseys.

'They haven’t been delivered yet,' nan Mariners wrote. 'But they are still successful nan rotation. We still scheme to deterioration them this season.'

The St. Louis Cardinals reportedly will not person their triumph bluish jerseys until June

The Seattle Mariners are still waiting Fanatics to vessel their Sunday pick jerseys 

The waiting play is not nan first onslaught from Fanatics, who are manufacturing nan jersey designed by Nike this season. In February, players astir MLB criticized them for nan subpar value of their jerseys.

The concerns led MLBPA executive Tony Clark to definitive the corporate vexation in an question and reply pinch The Athletic arsenic nan national pushed for adjustments.

'Any clip there's change, there's an accommodation period. Sometimes that accommodation play goes well, sometimes not truthful much,' Clark said.

'In this instance, location look to beryllium immoderate misses that could person different not been misses.'

Angels outfielder Taylor Ward said nan jerseys look 'papery' and 'doesn't look for illustration a $450 jersey. Meanwhile, an Orioles subordinate told nan Baltimore Banner they 'look for illustration a knockoff jersey from TJ Maxx.'

Another rumor was nan achromatic pants being 'see-through'. The glaring flaw was flagged aft Shohei Ohtani's first photograph sprout pinch nan LA Dodgers.

'So whether it’s nan convention aliases it’s Nike, everyone is alert of those concerns,' Clark said. 'And (the convention and Nike) person suggested successful nationalist statements, and otherwise, that they’re engaged pinch an oculus connected correcting what tin beryllium corrected.'

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