Speaker Mike Johnson reveals what world leaders are REALLY saying about ailing Biden... as one senior diplomat says: 'You're worried if he knows which direction he's going'

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Concerns astir Joe Biden's fittingness for agency person gone global, according to Speaker Mike Johnson. 

The speaker revealed that world leaders he's met pinch arsenic portion of nan NATO convention person expressed concerns astir nan president's cognitive abilities. 

'All those NATO leaders are present connected nan Hill arsenic you know,' Johnson told Fox News's Laura Ingraham connected Wednesday evening. 'These overseas leaders are coming in, premier ministers, heads of authorities and they are telling america privately that they are profoundly concerned.'

Johnson's comments came conscionable aft meetings pinch United Kingdom Prime Minister Keir Starmer and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The speaker did not specify which leaders had expressed concerns. 

Meanwhile NATO officials and diplomats from crossed nan globe are holding  their activity to spot really Biden performs astatine a post-NATO news convention Thursday evening. 

Johnson, center, pictured shaking hands pinch UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer connected Wednesday 

'It's a very weird emotion to beryllium successful Europe listening to nan president of nan United States, and you're much stressed astir whether he will spell disconnected book than being excited to perceive to nan leader of nan free world,' a elder European diplomat told Politico. 

'You're worried if he knows which guidance he's going aliases whether he's going to autumn aliases what he's going to hide aliases if he'll opportunity "North Korea" erstwhile he meant "South Korea." It's conscionable a weird experience.' 

'He didn’t look good,' said different Washington-based overseas diplomat of Biden astatine nan NATO convention this week. 

Johnson called Biden's cognitive diminution nan 'biggest governmental cover-up.' 

'The Democrats are successful full disarray. They don't cognize what to do. They don't person a scheme B, but they cognize they sewage a superior problem,' Johnson continued, 'You're right: It's nan biggest governmental cover-up that we person ever seen, possibly successful U.S. history, and it's nan astir consequential, arsenic well.'  

Johnson besides met pinch Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky connected Wednesday 

Thursday evening's property convention is expected nan beryllium nan astir pivotal of his presidency as Biden's run attempts to do harm power aft nan statement past month. 

Officially 11 House Democrats and 1 Democratic legislator has called connected Biden to resign - and galore much are waiting to spot his statement capacity earlier deciding whether to do so. 

Biden avoided a near disastrous slip-up during his invited reside to NATO leaders connected Tuesday.

The president, visibly reference from nan teleprompter, publication a three-word instruction to himself arsenic he awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg - but was saved from utter embarrassment by nan assemblage applause. 

'Ask nan subject aide,' Biden said while preparing to grant Stoltenberg nan nation's highest civilian honor.

Biden past quickly caught himself, while nan crowd drowned up nan flub pinch cheers. 

Democrats calling connected Joe Biden to retreat from nan 2024 election

Sen. Peter Welch, Vermont

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, Texas

Rep. Raúl Grijalva, Arizona

Rep. Seth Moulton, Massachusetts

Rep. Mike Quigley, Illinois

Rep. Angie Craig, Minnesota

Rep. Adam Smith, Washington

Rep. Mikie Sherrill, New Jersey

Rep. Pat Ryan, New York

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Oregon

Rep. Hillary Scholten, Michigan

Rep. Brad Schneider, Illinois

Rep. Greg Stanton, Arizona

Rep. Ed Case, Hawaii

'Military travel forward,' he said. He proceeded to grant nan medal, hanging it astir Stoltenberg's neck, without incident.

The president attempted to reassure nan nationalist during a caller question and reply pinch George Stephanopoulos connected ABC News. Biden sounded raspy arsenic he insisted his mediocre statement capacity was owed to a elemental cold.

At 1 constituent during the Stephanopoulos interview, Biden said he couldn't retrieve whether he moreover watched nan statement capacity aft it took place.

'I don't deliberation I did, no,' Biden stated.  

A beardown capacity astatine nan NATO acme will consequence successful a sigh of alleviation from friends worried a Trump triumph could lead to a return of U.S. isolation. A correction will nonstop their humor unit skyrocketing. 

Trump has suggested that successful a 2nd word he would not take sides NATO friends who didn't salary their afloat dues - 2% of their respective GDP. The erstwhile president besides has questioned nan magnitude of assistance to nan Ukraine.

Both of these prospects person made NATO leaders uneasy.

The speaker revealed that world leaders he's met pinch arsenic portion of nan NATO convention person expressed concerns astir nan president's cognitive abilities

Biden noted that he has gotten much NATO members to summation their dues.

'The twelvemonth 2020 twelvemonth was nan twelvemonth I was elected president. Only 9 NATO friends are spending 2% of their defense GDP,' he said. 'This twelvemonth 23 will walk astatine slightest 2%.'

'And immoderate will walk much than that. And nan remaining countries that person not yet reached that milestone will get there. This is singular progress. Proof our committedness is wide and deep.'

Biden besides announced nan U.S. and further NATO friends will nonstop Ukraine dozens of aerial defense systems successful nan coming months, including astatine slightest 4 of nan powerful Patriot systems that Kyiv has been seeking. 

'Russia will not prevail,' nan president said.

'Ukraine tin and will extremity Putin,' Biden noted.

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