Sparkling Collectible Art Jewels At The Salon Art + Design Fair

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Earrings by Silvia Furmanovich made of persimmon wood, known arsenic “kaki nary ki” successful Japan

Silvia Furmanovich

Salon Art + Design, nan yearly collectible creation and creation fair, will clasp it 12th version November 9 – 13 astatine nan Park Avenue Armory successful New York from November 9 - 13. Approximately 50 exhibitors from respective countries will beryllium presenting vintage, modern and modern collectibles creation and creation objects successful categories that see furniture, workplace solid and ceramics, Japanese creation and good art.

Contemporary jewelry artists and designers will play a much salient domiciled successful nan adjacent this twelvemonth arsenic organizers for nan first clip will merge a group of typical creation and jewelry exhibitions connected nan exhibitor level and wrong nan historical rooms astatine nan entranceway to nan fair, ranging from exclusive capsule collections from individual designers to smaller curations from galleries.

The 10 jewelers successful nan adjacent are arsenic follows:

Didier presents a pendant by Harry Bertoia, formed from 3 fused strips of beryllium bronze


Didier Ltd.

The London-based assemblage that specializes successful jewels by starring Modern masters and designers from nan 2nd half of nan 20th period acquired from nan secondary creation market, will coming a curated action of jewels by American artists exhibited alongside useful by American workplace trade jewelers.

Among nan pieces are a metallic ringing by Alexander Calder, a hammered metallic gong pendant of a stylized female shape by Harry Bertoia and a pendant formed from scraps of shaped wood by Louise Nevelson.

DK Farnum presents vintage Cartier prima bombe earrings, cica 1950s, successful 18k golden and diamonds

DK Farnum

DK Farnum

The New York patient specializes successful property jewels, pinch a peculiar attraction connected signed, one-of-a-kind 20th-century pieces. The postulation includes iconic pieces from historical jewelry houses including Verdura, Cartier, Tiffany, Belperron and Seaman Schepps, arsenic good arsenic newer creators whose activity clasp nan benchmarks of classical design.

A ringing pinch an 11.86-carat oval tanzanite encrusted pinch layers of multicolored sapphires, diamonds, ... [+] colored diamonds and emeralds



The family-owned Portuguese jewelry location founded successful 1870 creates finely crafted creator jewels and different objects that are colorful and vibrant. Everything is produced successful house. The patient specializes successful bespoke activity arsenic well.

A Silvia Furmanovich bluish activity shape marquetry clutch pinch topaz and ivory

Silvia Furmanovich

Silvia Furmanovich

The celebrated Brazilian jeweler who specializes successful interpreting ancient crafts into exceptional jewels and creation objects is presenting her latest postulation of jewelry and location pieces based connected her travel to respective cities successful Japan. The pieces correspond respective crafts she learned while visiting nan different regions of nan country, specified arsenic bamboo weaving, lacquerware and wood carvings. In addition, Japanese motifs - from textile patterns to family crests - are reinterpreted utilizing Furmanovich’s signature marquetry method and miniature painting.

The Yvel “Fantasia” brooch made of pearls, tourmalines, golden and and diamonds


Yvel Jewelry

Yvel creates jewelry that draws inspiration from integrated shapes recovered successful nature. Over nan past 4 decades, nan Israeli jeweler has earned prestigious awards and world recognition.

Elevated Matter Gallery

Elevated Matter Gallery, a backstage assemblage successful Hudson, NY, will beryllium representing nan useful of 5 modern artists and craftspersons astatine nan fair. They are:

Hourglass knocker earrings by Andy Lif pinch 5.27 carats of greenish tourmaline group successful 18k golden

Andy Lif

Andy Lif

Lif crafts his jewels successful 18k golden and he often incorporates plique-à-jour, a vitreous enameling method wherever nan enamel is applied successful cells pinch nary backing. He often combines this pinch diamonds aliases colored gemstones. His jewelry is sculptural and refined, elegant and bold.

Anthony Lent Sunset Ring successful 18k yellowish golden and platinum centered pinch amethyst

Anthony Lent

Anthony Lent

Lent has been handcrafting sculptural good jewelry for women and men successful a unsocial style for almost 50 years. He has dedicated his life to nan painstaking translator of visionary images into intricate pieces of elaborate and conceptually profound wearable art.

Chris Davis “Amphora” earrings, 2021, made of 18k yellowish and stone crystals

J. Gold & Co.

Chris Davies

Davis has a inheritance dressmaking and nan study of ancient civilizations, which power his designs. He has a coagulated knowing of nan humanities value of jewelry arsenic an artform and a desire to construe nan couturier’s exploration of method and shape into nan symbolic powerfulness of nan jewel.

Stripe earrings by Elizabeth Garvin made of opals, 18K yellowish golden and oxidized metallic

Elizabeth Garvin

Elizabeth Garvin

Elizabeth Garvin expresses her liking successful earthy sciences, earth science and metallurgy done nan jewelry she creates. Her designs are inspired by geometry pinch a modernist sensibility. She combines nan accepted jewelry making techniques pinch caller technologies, caller ideas and a unsocial accomplishment set.

The Stella Flame Maris necklace successful 18k golden pinch baroque Tahitian and South Sea pearls

Stella Flame

Stella Flame

The Stella Flame Fine Jewelry Collection is handmade successful workshops successful Istanbul by maestro chair jewelers, galore of them from families who person been doing this activity for generations. These craftsmen are skilled pinch techniques developed hundreds of years ago.

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