Sotheby’s To Host An Exhibition Of Fernando Jorge’s Exclusive Jewels

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High Fluid bracelet made of pebble and brownish diamonds by Fernando Jorge


Sotheby’s will big an accumulation of 16 unsocial jewels by Brazilian jewelry artist, Fernando Jorge, from November 1 to 20 astatine nan auction house’s New York headquarters.

The accumulation coincides pinch a bid of Sotheby’s Modern and Contemporary Art auctions successful November. This accumulation besides nan first of four-city circuit of this astatine Sotheby’s galleries nan will proceed successful London, Dubai and Zurich.

Since establishing his eponymous marque successful 2010, Jorge (who spends astir of his clip betwixt London and São Paulo) has been successful nan forefront of nan world jewelry world for his expressive modern pieces that span precocious manner and luxury. His jewels person attracted nan requisite group of A-list celebrities and dignitaries from Beyonce and Rhianna to Michelle Obama. His awards and honors see nan Couture Show Design Awards, nan GEM Award for Jewelry Design, nominations for nan British Fashion Awards. He was honored arsenic nan “Best Emerging Accessories Designer of nan Year” and named arsenic 1 of 500 group shaping nan world manner manufacture by nan Business of Fashion.

High Fluid diamonds doubled earrings successful yellowish golden by Fernando Jorge


With his latest work, Jorge says he is visiting ideas that defined his artistic complete nan past decade.

“I americium pushing concepts and techniques that I person explored earlier moreover further, making this rather a individual and typical exhibition,” Jorge said successful a statement.

He said he was inspired to harvester materials from different parts of nan world and different layers of nan earth. Creating these jewels required an elevated level of method complexity, arsenic galore of nan materials are not commonly recovered successful jewelry.

High Fluid ringing made of pebble and brownish diamonds by Fernando Jorge


Several of nan exclusive pieces research volume, texture and color, marking a return to his Brazilian roots. “My erstwhile precocious jewelry pieces were predominantly colorless, featuring earthy diamonds group successful gold. This time, I sought to reintroduce color, softness and playfulness into my designs,” Jorge said.

The astir striking point astir nan jewels is nan measurement he combines precious materials pinch much mean objects. For example, he combines colored diamonds and precious stones pinch Brazilian stream pebbles, marble and fossilized amber. Other precious materials connection nan aforesaid contrasts, specified arsenic emeralds paired pinch malachite.

Meeling Wong, a jewelry manufacture consultant, who is friend of Jorge and has worked for nan marque connected nan business side, calls him a “creative genius.”

“I activity pinch galore designers and he is nan 1 person, while moving wrong his creation language, who ever has thing caller and original to say,” Wong told me. “He would beryllium very bully astatine different mediums excessively because he is simply a very imaginative person. I cognize it’s a reliable process for him, but I cognize he has a clear imagination of what he wants. The results ever return my activity away.”

Wong saw immoderate of nan pieces successful nan accumulation earlier he brought them to New York, and she said she has trouble figuring really he was capable to fresh nan gems into nan crevices of nan communal materials and move it into a caller imaginative language.

“He continues to astonishment me. He has a creation connection he owns, yet he uses a worldly that surprises you and someway it works. It seems effortless but I cognize it’s not”

High Fluid earrings made of pebbles and diamonds by Fernando Jorge


Jorge says he considers nan pieces he created for Sotheby’s to beryllium nan “highest look of his work,” marking a caller section for his collection. “Exhibiting astatine Sotheby’s is simply a very proud infinitesimal for me, personally and professionally,” he said. “Sotheby’s transcends generations, and their level allows maine to show nan stories of these pieces’ typical character.”

Frank Everett, Sotheby’s high-profile vice president of Jewelry, says he has known Jorge for respective years and has ever been a fan.

“Just erstwhile I deliberation I’ve seen everything imaginable successful nan world of jewelry design, Fernando produces thing wholly caller that keeps maine endlessly inspired,” Everett said successful a statement. “The precocious jewelry pieces he has created exclusively for Sotheby’s are emblematic of his signature style wherever vibrant colors and unconventional materials are meticulously melded into modern masterpieces.”

In summation to nan beingness accumulation astatine Sotheby’s York Avenue galleries, a action of astir 70 pieces from Jorge’s main and precocious jewelry collections will beryllium disposable for contiguous acquisition connected Sotheby’s online marketplace.

Sotheby’s says nan collaboration was 2 years successful nan making and marks nan first clip nan auction location will big a walking exhibition. As antecedently mentioned, nan accumulation will beryllium shown astatine Sotheby’s galleries successful London, Dubai and Zurich successful 2024.

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