Social justice charity founder Michael Latt who worked with rapper Common is shot dead by homeless woman who broke into his LA home

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The laminitis of a societal justness kindness that worked pinch nan rapper Common was changeable dormant successful his Los Angeles location by a homeless female intruder, according to police. 

Michael Latt, who created nan Lead pinch Love charity, was recovered critically injured astatine his Mid-City location connected Monday evening and was later declared dormant successful hospital.

Jameelah Elena Michl, 36, has been charged pinch nan 33-year-old's execution and is being held connected $3million bail. 

The bum female reportedly stayed astatine nan segment pursuing nan shooting. Her vehicle, which constabulary opportunity was her superior residence, was besides taken arsenic evidence.

One of Latt's neighbors told ABC he lived successful nan location pinch his woman and their pets. 

Michael Latt, who founded nan Lead pinch Love charity, was fatally changeable by a female intruder astatine his Los Angeles location connected Monday

The bum female reportedly stayed astatine nan segment pursuing nan shooting

Residents of nan area claimed constabulary said nan unfortunate and fishy knew each other, but that accusation remains unconfirmed and it's not clear what led to nan shooting.

Latt is nan boy of movie shaper Jonathan Latt and Michelle Satter, nan founding elder head astatine nan Sundance Institute, which is down nan celebrated movie festival. 

Satter wrote connected X: 'Our beloved boy Michael Latt fell unfortunate to a tragic enactment of unit this week. Michael devoted his profession to supporting artists, championing organizations that raised up artists of color, & leveraged storytelling for enduring change. We observe his legacy, emotion & compassion.'

Latt's kindness said its extremity was to harness 'the powerfulness of creation to spark change, bring love, dream and treatment to communities and empower others.'

The kindness organized a 'Hope & Redemption Tour' successful 2017 wherever Common performer for inmates astatine complete 10 prisons successful California. 

The activistic besides helped shape events for Martin Luther King Jr. Day astatine Harlem’s Riverside Church that saw speakers specified as Lupita Nyong’o and Michael B. Jordan.

He was besides photographed pinch Common astatine a 2020 Kentucky rally for Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police.

According to his societal media, Latt had conscionable returned from a travel to Japan.

Latt worked pinch nan rapper Common and are seen together at a 2020 Kentucky rally for Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police

Latt is nan boy of Michelle Satter the founding elder head astatine nan Sundance Institute. They are pictured pinch writer Lena Waithe at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival

He wrote successful his past station connected Monday: 'Such a awesome mates of days since flying backmost from Japan. Surrounded by family and friends complete this agelong vacation weekend, it’s been thing but relaxing, joyful and restful times up of a agelong weeeeek.'

Anyone pinch accusation connected Latt's execution is asked to interaction West Bureau Homicide Investigators astatine 213-382-9470. 

The fatal location penetration comes aft a drawstring of akin incidents successful LA.

Earlier this month, information cameras captured nan moment homeowner Vince Ricci returned location after two equipped men jumped his obstruction and tried to unit their measurement into his house.

In a swift effort to take sides himself, his wife, five-month-old and nan nanny wrong Ricci reached for his weapon and started a shootout pinch nan intruders. As shots rained down, nan 2 masked robbers scattered. 

Ricci earlier revealed this wasn't nan first clip he'd been a target of criminals. His location was surgery into successful June and his car was surgery into nan period earlier that.

Back successful October, Oscar-winning hairsbreadth stylist Beatrice De Alba, 59, changeable a would-be intruder astatine her Hollywood Hills mansion. 

She told constabulary she fired her limb aft a man reportedly successful his 30s tried forcing his measurement into her $1.7million location from nan backyard, claiming he had been injured and needed help.

Robberies successful nan Democrat-run metropolis person spiked pursuing nan defund constabulary movement. A deficiency of resourcing for rule enforcement has caused an exodus of residents to Republican states specified arsenic Texas and Florida.

According to Los Angeles crime statistics, homicides are down this year, but robberies person seen a important emergence since past year. 

Overall crime rates successful nan Golden State person soared successful caller times arsenic flash mobs and looters ambush storefronts.

A emergence successful homelessness and supplier addiction has besides plagued nan area and has contributed to an uptick successful crime.