Six little-known warning signs of liver cancer revealed after death of Everton chairman Bill Kenwright

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Legendary West End theatre shaper and Everton FC president Bill Kenwright has died property 78 pursuing a conflict pinch liver cancer.

The Liverpudlian 'passed distant peacefully' connected Monday nighttime while surrounded by loved ones, his family said.

The Everton president had undergone room successful August to region nan cancer, which kills astir 6,000 Brits each year. 

While nan cognition was successful, complications saw him walk 'a prolonged period' successful intensive care.

Here, MailOnline shares immoderate of nan informing signs of nan disease, thought to beryllium nan fastest-rising crab slayer successful nan UK. Mortality rates person tripled since nan early 70s.

The shot executive sitting adjacent to England coach Gareth Southgate astatine Goodison Park successful May past year

Symptoms of liver crab see jaundice, weight nonaccomplishment and a swollen abdomen aliases a lump

Yellowing of nan skin

Liver crab tin origin nan tegument and whites of nan eyes to move yellow, known arsenic jaundice.

It occurs if nan tumour has caused a blockage successful nan bile duct aliases stops nan liver from moving properly, according to Cancer Research UK.

The bile duct is simply a conduit that usually drains fluid called bilirubin – a yellowish pigment formed erstwhile reddish humor cells break down – from nan liver to nan mini intestine.

But tumours tin origin bilirubin to build up successful nan blood, which tin origin nan tegument and whites of nan eyes to move yellow.

It tin besides consequence successful ray faeces, acheronian urine and itchy skin.

However jaundice tin besides beryllium triggered by alcohol-related liver disease, gallstones, hepatitis, pancreatitis and sickle compartment disease, nan NHS says.

It urges anyone pinch jaundice to activity urgent aesculapian help. The wellness work notes that nan information is communal and usually harmless successful newborn babies.

The head pinch Andrew Lloyd Webber astatine a statement pursuing nan property nighttime for Whistle Down The Wind astatine nan Hilton Green Park successful 2006 

Swollen tummy 

A swollen tummy could beryllium a motion of liver cancer.

As nan tumour grows, it tin consequence successful swelling connected nan correct broadside of nan abdomen, according to Cancer Research UK.

Additionally, a swollen tummy tin beryllium caused by a tumour expanding unit successful nan liver, which tin origin humor to backmost up successful nan veins. This unit tin origin ascites – erstwhile fluid is forced retired of nan veins and builds up successful nan abdomen.

Liver crab tin besides trigger ascites if nan organ fails to nutrient capable albumin. This humor macromolecule is captious for preventing fluid from leaking retired of nan bloodstream and into nan abdomen and nan body's tissues.

A swollen abdomen whitethorn beryllium accompanied by swollen veins that are visible nether nan aboveground of nan abdomen owed to accrued unit successful nan liver, nan kindness says.

Everton president Bill Kenwright, pictured pinch his semipermanent partner Jenny Seagrove, has died astatine nan property of 78 

A lump connected your correct side

A lump connected nan correct broadside of nan abdomen could beryllium a informing motion of liver cancer.

Located conscionable nether nan ribcage, a difficult lump, that whitethorn beryllium painful, could beryllium a tumour, nan NHS says. It whitethorn beryllium only noticeable astatine a later stage, aft nan tumour has grown.

Strangely, this lump tin besides origin symptom successful nan correct shoulder, according to Macmillan.

This alleged referred symptom tin hap if nan liver stimulates nan nerves nether nan diaphragm – nan expanse of musculus nether nan lungs – that link to nerves successful nan correct shoulder.

Itchy skin

As good arsenic turning tegument yellow, liver crab tin besides make tegument consciousness itchy.

This itchiness is caused by bile salts.

The liver produces bile to thief digest food. But erstwhile bile ducts go blocked, which tin beryllium caused by a tumour, bile salts tin deposit successful nan skin.

This tin consequence successful terrible itching, Macmillan says.

The kindness recommends showers to lavation disconnected bile salts and utilizing moisturiser to easiness itching.

Loss of appetite 

Many symptoms of liver crab tin impact digestion and truthful appetite.

Nausea, indigestion and a sore and swollen tummy are each symptoms of liver crab that impact your digestion, nan NHS says.

As a result, those pinch liver crab whitethorn suffer their appetite and consciousness afloat aft conscionable eating mini amounts, Cancer Research says.

Weight loss

Losing a batch of weight without meaning to tin beryllium a motion of liver cancer.

This tin hap if symptoms – specified arsenic a nonaccomplishment of appetite aliases swollen tummy – mean a personification is eating little than usual.

However, for galore crab patients location is outer trigger for weight loss.

Weight whitethorn autumn disconnected owed to cachexia, according to Cancer Research UK.

Also called wasting syndrome, this is simply a authorities wherever nan assemblage doesn't sorb each nan fat, macromolecule and carbohydrate from nutrient and burns calories faster than normal. It tin hap successful crab patients and successful those pinch chronic illness.

The kindness urges group to sojourn their expert if location is nary evident origin for their weight loss, truthful a medic tin investigate.

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