Sir Bobby Charlton's last surviving brother Tommy reveals he WASN'T at Wembley to watch his older siblings' 1966 World Cup triumph as he pays emotional tribute to the Man United legend after his death last month

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Sir Bobby Charlton's past surviving relative Tommy has revealed why he missed a travel to Wembley to watch his brothers triumph nan 1966 World Cup successful an affectional tribute successful nan aftermath of nan Manchester United legend's death. 

Charlton passed distant successful October astatine nan property of 86 pursuing a lengthy conflict pinch dementia and was mourned passim nan shot world. 

As good arsenic receiving personal tributes from luminaries including Sir Geoff Hurst, Sir Alex Ferguson, and David Beckham, Charlton's erstwhile nine commemorated his passing pinch a minute's soundlessness up of their Champions League conflict against FC Copenhagen astatine Old Trafford. 

A wreath was laid successful nan centre circle by skipper Bruno Fernandes, whilst a lone piper played 'We'll ne'er die'. 

Premier League clubs later paid tribute to nan iconic England subordinate pinch a minute's applause earlier kick-offs connected nan lucifer play pursuing his passing. 

Sir Bobby Charlton's past surviving relative Tommy (pictured astatine their relative Jack's ceremonial successful 2020) has shared specifications astir their adjacent bond

But Tommy was incapable to make nan travel to Wembley to watch Jack and Charlton triumph nan 1966 World Cup

Both brothers featured successful nan historical conflict but their youngest related watched it from afar

But Tommy's recollections were uniquely individual arsenic he said to Sky Sports astir Charlton and their relative Jack, who died successful 2020, and nan fateful logic he wasn't capable to watch their World Cup triumph successful person. 

'Before nan final, Bob managed to get maine a summons to nan final,' he said. 'And I lived successful Ashington and Ashington is simply a agelong measurement from London. I'd ne'er been to London. I'd very seldom been retired of Ashington, if nan truth was known.

'I didn't person immoderate money to get there. Nobody successful nan family had that benignant of money, and I didn't want to inquire relative Jack to thief me, because they had acold excessively overmuch connected nan sheet astatine nan time.

'And that was conscionable not nan point that I was consenting to do, truthful I watched nan lucifer astatine location connected nan TV, and, well, it was really pinch my woman astatine nan clip - it was astatine their house

'But I regret that now. I regret that I should have, really sewage a slope indebtedness aliases thing to get there.

'But to me, it was conscionable my brothers playing a game... it was playing for England again, you know? I don't cognize what he astir apt makes of that.'

Manchester United person paid extended tributes to their nine fable - including up of their caller Manchester derby

There was been a immense outpouring of condolences from supporters crossed nan footballing world

Sir Alex Ferguson was among those to share  affectional words successful nan aftermath of Charlton's decease successful October

Tommy discussed nan brothers' 'hard upbringing' successful Ashington, but was speedy to mention that Charlton was proud of their background, and 'didn't speak successful a derogatory mode astir Ashington ever'. 

He was besides keen to convey supporters for nan 'heart-warming' guidance to his brother's decease - and earlier tributes paid to Jack - and added that he suspects group to statement nan convoy way for Charlton's ceremonial successful November. 

'It's been very heart-warming to person truthful galore group telling maine that they were really proud of Bob,' Tommy continued.  'I've ne'er thought of Bob and Jack arsenic thing but my brothers - they died arsenic my brothers, not arsenic celebrated footballers.

'And that is difficult for me. It's difficult to abstracted nan two. And it's heart-warming to spot that nan number of people, thousands of people, telling maine that they respected Bob and they respected Jack.'

Charlton and his younger relative Jack had a famously difficult relationship which saw them astatine likelihood for 42 years. 

But a nationalist recollection came successful 2008, erstwhile Jack presented nan BBC Sports Personality of nan Year Lifetime Achievement Award. 

To Tommy, however, nan brace were conscionable 'real large brothers' - and nan youngest Charlton 'hated it' erstwhile they near location to spell and play football. 

Jack (left) fell retired pinch Charlton and are believed to person been astatine likelihood for adjacent to 42 years

But nan brace publically reconciled erstwhile Jack presented his relative pinch nan BBC Sports Personality of Year Lifetime Achievement Award successful 2008

'I didn't cognize what was happening,' Tommy added. 'I didn't cognize why he had to spell away. I didn't cognize why Jack had to go.

'My uncles, Jack, George, Jim and Stan each went distant to play football, truthful I've knowledgeable nan truth that we had relatives who didn't unrecorded astatine home. They had to recreation each complete nan spot playing football, and I was rather utilized to that.

'But erstwhile Bob left, I didn't really understand it because it was my relative leaving, and it was like: "where's he going?".

'They were my brothers, and I was proud of them. I ever person been sincerely proud of my 2 brothers.'   


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