Sir Bobby Charlton's cause of death is revealed after World Cup winning football legend died aged 86

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Sir Bobby Charlton died aft accidentally falling and hitting a windowsill astatine a attraction location wherever he was battling dementia, an inquest has heard.

The England legend, who won nan World Cup successful 1966, mislaid his equilibrium arsenic he stood up from his chair and struck a windowsill and 'possibly a radiator', Cheshire Coroner's Court heard.

Staff performed a full-body cheque astatine nan clip and noted nary visible injuries, and initially recovered nan 86-year-old's mobility seemed unaffected.

But they later noticed swelling connected his backmost and paramedics were called to The Willows successful Knutsford Cheshire, wherever he'd been receiving respite attraction since July.

He was past taken to nan section infirmary earlier being moved to Macclesfield General Hospital.

Sir Bobby Charlton died aft suffering surgery ribs during a autumn astatine a attraction home, an inquest has heard

Sir Bobby Charlton pictured pinch his woman Norma astatine an arena successful Germany successful September 2014

Paramedics were called to The Willows successful Knutsford Cheshire, wherever he'd been receiving respite attraction since July

Tributes to nan precocious Sir Bobby Charlton adjacent to his statue extracurricular Old Trafford

Fans clasp up cards to create a mural successful remembrance of Sir Bobby Charlton anterior to nan Premier League lucifer betwixt Manchester United and Manchester City

A thorax X-ray and CT scan revealed he'd fractured his ribs and was apt to create pneumonia.

Doctors agreed that he should beryllium put connected end-of-life attraction astatine nan hospital, nan inquest heard. He died connected October 21, 5 days aft his fall, astatine nan property of 86.

Sir Bobby is survived by his woman Lady Norma, their 2 daughters Suzanne and Andrea and grandchildren.

The talented footballer, who was calved successful Ashington, Northumberland, connected October 11 1937, is wide viewed arsenic 1 of nan top players to ever grace nan crippled and played an integral domiciled successful England's 1966 World Cup glory. 

Following his death, Sir Geoff Hurst - who famously scored a hat-trick successful England's 4-2 triumph complete West Germany at Wembley - is now the only personnel of nan squad still alive. 

It was heard that Sir Bobby was 'unsteady connected his feet, particularly erstwhile opinionated from a seated position' arsenic a consequence of his surviving pinch dementia.

The inquest, held successful Warrington, heard Sir Bobby had an extended aesculapian history, which included an appendix removal, gout, a urine infection and thorax infections.

The inquest heard he had besides contracted Covid-19 successful September.

Tamara Simmons, head astatine nan attraction home, said Sir Bobby 'needed support pinch each aspects of regular living.'

The inquest heard his furniture was arsenic adjacent to nan crushed arsenic possible, pinch clang mats and mobility sensors successful spot owed to his restlessness making him apt to rotation retired of bed.

Coroner Devonish ruled that Sir Bobby's decease was accidental.

She gave his origin of decease as: Traumatic haemopneumothorax; A fall; Alzheimer's/dementia.

Bobby Charlton (R) celebrates England's 1966 World Cup victory. From near to right: Jack Charlton, Nobby Stiles, Gordon Banks (behind), Alan Ball, Martin Peters, Geoff Hurst, Bobby Moore, Ray Wilson, George Cohen and Bobby Charlton

Sir Bobby Charlton is pictured representing his state against Wales successful April 1970

Bobby Charlton pinch his woman Norma and 2 daughters Suzanne and Andrea successful their plot astatine location successful nan 1960s

Tributes poured successful from crossed shot and nationalist life for nan 'giant of nan game' aft Sir Bobby's decease was announced.

The boy of a miner, he joined United arsenic a schoolboy and was portion of nan iconic Busby Babes team.

He survived nan Munich aerial disaster erstwhile nan level taking them backmost to Manchester crashed, sidesplitting 23 group including 8 players and 3 unit members.

A decade on, he was portion of nan awesome United squad that won nan European Cup successful 1968.

He was besides portion of England's legendary 1966 World Cup winning squad alongside his older relative Jack.

A connection from nan family of Sir Bobby, said past month: 'It is pinch awesome sadness that we stock nan news that Sir Bobby passed peacefully successful nan early hours of Saturday morning. He was surrounded by his family. 

'His family would for illustration to walk connected their acknowledgment to everyone who has contributed to his attraction and for nan galore group who person loved and supported him. We would petition that nan family's privateness beryllium respected astatine this time.'

Manchester United said 'words will ne'er beryllium enough' arsenic they mourn 'one of nan top and astir beloved players successful nan history of our club', while England described Charlton, who had antecedently held nan grounds arsenic all-time apical goalscorer for some England and United, arsenic a 'true fable of our game'. 

Prince William, who is president of nan FA, has described Sir Bobby Charlton arsenic 'a existent awesome who will beryllium remembered forever' successful a individual connection connected societal media.

Sir Bobby and his relative Jack - who died 3 years agone - clasp aft an England vs West Germany crippled successful 1985. The brothers had a bitter feud but reconciled successful later life

This is believed to beryllium nan past photograph of Sir Bobby Charlton connected February 20, 2021. He received a vaccine to thief protect him against COVID-19 arsenic celebrities tried to promote arsenic galore group to get nan jab

Charlton (in a Munich hospital) survived nan Munich aerial disaster successful 1958 erstwhile he was conscionable 20 years aged which tragically killed 8 of United's Busby Babes and 23 group successful total

A scarf is wrapped astir nan statue of Sir Bobby Charlton astatine Old Trafford pursuing his decease past month

The Prince of Wales said: 'Sir Bobby Charlton. First Division Champion. European Champion. World Champion. Gentleman. Legend. A existent awesome who will beryllium remembered forever. Thank you Sir Bobby. W' said nan tribute posted connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called him 'one of nan game's top players'. 

In nan days pursuing his death, tributes were paid astatine shot stadiums up and down nan country, astir notably astatine Old Trafford, wherever fans laid thousands of scarves and flowers and held up cards to create a mural successful his representation earlier nan Manchester derby past weekend. 

Sir Bobby, who won 106 caps for nan Three Lions, scoring 49 goals, was diagnosed pinch dementia successful 2020.

His decease besides sparked a telephone for action by Alzheimer's Research UK, who said there are 'no treatments disposable successful nan UK to slow, extremity aliases forestall nan diseases that origin dementia'.

Chief executive Hilary Evans said: 'Our thoughts are pinch Sir Bobby Charlton's family, and each those who loved him, pursuing nan tragic news that he has died pinch dementia.

'Sir Bobby was a leader and truthful galore of america person awesome memories from his awesome profession connected nan pitch.

'He will beryllium greatly missed and we nonstop his family our sympathies.

'It's perfectly devastating that Sir Bobby's last years were blighted by dementia, but unluckily this is nan lawsuit for almost 1 cardinal group successful nan UK today.

'At Alzheimer's Research UK, we are wished to alteration nan ending for everyone affected by dementia by uncovering a cure, and nan atrocious news astir Sir Bobby highlights that we don't person a infinitesimal to waste.'

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