Sir Alex Ferguson gives verdict on Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal future - with the Al-Nassr star still yet to score at Euro 2024

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo is yet to people for Portugal astatine Euro 2024 crossed 4 games
  • The Al-Nassr star, 39, is playing successful his 11th awesome tourney for his country 
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By Will Pickworth

Published: 07:00 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 07:24 EDT, 3 July 2024

Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed Euro 2024 will beryllium Cristiano Ronaldo's past awesome tourney pinch Portugal.

Ronaldo, 39, is presently preparing for his nation's quarter-final necktie against France connected Friday aft they dramatically hit Slovenia connected penalties successful nan last-16.

However, nan Al-Nassr prima - who is Portugal's all-time grounds goalscorer pinch 130 goals successful 211 caps - is enduring somewhat of a nightmare tournament having grounded to people successful 4 games, while he was reduced to tears aft seeing his punishment saved by Slovenia keeper Jan Oblak successful other clip connected Monday. 

Ronaldo was brought to Man United by Ferguson arsenic an 18-year-old successful 2003, earlier he played nether nan legendary Scottish leader for six years astatine Old Trafford.

And Ferguson felt that Ronaldo, who has already confirmed this tourney will beryllium his past Euros, would not beryllium portion of Roberto Martinez's broadside astatine nan 2026 World Cup.

Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed Euro 2024 will beryllium Cristiano Ronaldo's past awesome tournament

Ronaldo is Portugal's all-time grounds goalscorer having netted a stunning 130 goals successful 211 caps

Ferguson felt Ronaldo, who has played successful 11 tournaments, wouldn't play astatine nan 2026 World Cup

'I can't image that (he'll play successful 2026),' Ferguson told SportBild, arsenic per Metro. 

‘Football will go moreover faster and much diversion successful nan coming years. In addition, nan abstraction for cardinal strikers will go progressively smaller.

‘In opposition to defenders, it is much difficult for strikers to play astatine nan highest level erstwhile they are older.’

Ferguson went onto praise nan 39-year-old, who has played successful 11 awesome tournaments for his country, arsenic 'one of nan top footballers of each time', but besides felt nan guardant was nary longer simply driven by trophies.

‘One aliases 2 much titles would not mean overmuch to him,’ Ferguson added. ‘Because he has had a unsocial career.’

Speaking earlier this week aft Portugal's melodramatic shootout triumph complete Slovenia, wherever Ronaldo scored his spot kick, nan Al-Nassr prima had explained: ‘It’s surely my past Euro.

Ferguson signed Ronaldo astatine United and coached him for six years (pictured together successful 2007)

Ronaldo hasn't scored astatine Euro 2024 and collapsed down successful tears aft missing a punishment connected Monday

‘But I’m not moved by that, I’m moved by everything that shot entails. 

'The enthusiasm I person for nan game, nan excitement of seeing my fans, and my family, nan affection that group person for me.

‘It’s not because I’m leaving football, because if I do, what other is location for maine to do aliases win? 

'It’s not going to travel down to 1 much constituent aliases 1 little point. Making group happy is what motivates maine nan most.’

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