Simone Biles returns to gymnastics ahead of the Olympics and proves she's as dominant as ever, beating the rest of the American field to win U.S. Classic

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  • The Olympics are 2 months distant and Biles looks fresh to triumph much medals
  • Biles defeated nan remainder of nan U.S. Classic section by astir 2 points connected Saturday
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By Associated Press and Eric Blum

Published: 00:45 EDT, 19 May 2024 | Updated: 00:45 EDT, 19 May 2024

Simone Biles surely looks fresh for Paris pinch much than 2 months to spell earlier nan Olympic games begin. 

The gymnastics superstar began her bid for a 3rd Olympic squad looking arsenic ascendant arsenic ever astatine nan U.S. Classic connected Saturday, posting an all-around people of 59.500, astir 2 points clear of runner-up Shilese Jones. 

The 27-year-old Biles, nan 2016 Olympic champion, recorded nan highest people connected vault and level workout and came successful 2nd connected uneven bars and equilibrium beam successful her 2024 debut. 

'I was conscionable happy to beryllium backmost retired there, get done those nerves again, consciousness that adrenaline,' Biles said. '

'I can't really kick really nan first meet backmost was,' Biles added. 

Biles whitethorn person taken clip distant from gymnastics but she showed nary title rust 

Biles was ascendant successful her return to nan athletics astir 2 months distant from nan Olympics

She did a fistful of her signature skills, including hitting nan Yurchenko double pike connected vault and a tumbling walk that ends pinch a triple-twisting double-flip. 

Biles completed nan vault - which requires her to clasp her hands to her knees while she flips backward doubly - pinch coach Laurent Landi watching from nan side. Landi had been opinionated connected nan podium to spot Biles during erstwhile attempts, a determination that costs her a half-point neutral deduction. 

While Biles wasn't cleanable - she took a mates of large steps backmost connected her vault dismount and sewage truthful overmuch aerial connected nan triple-double that she landed retired of bounds - her substance of trouble and precision remains nan modular successful nan sport. 

Biles is simply a virtual fastener to make nan five-woman U.S. Olympic squad should she enactment healthy. The large mobility that needs to beryllium answered complete nan adjacent six weeks is who will subordinate her successful France. 

Jones was superb connected bars and dependable everyplace other and should caput to nan U.S. Championships later this period and nan Olympic Trials successful precocious June pinch confidence.

After that, things get murky. 

Gabby Douglas, nan 2012 Olympic champion, was hoping to usage nan U.S. Classic arsenic a springboard. Instead, she will time off pinch questions astir nan roadworthy ahead. 

The 28-year-old, making a comeback aft an extended break pursuing nan 2016 Olympics, fell doubly connected uneven bars and pulled retired of nan 4 remaining events. 

Suni Lee, who won nan Olympic title astatine nan 2020 games successful Tokyo, has been battling kidney issues for nan past 18 months that person made training difficult. She competed successful 3 events and her elegant beam regular earned her a 14.600, a touch up of nan 14.550 put up by Biles. 

Jordan Chiles, a 2020 Olympic metallic medalist, came successful 3rd successful nan all-around astatine 55.450. Jade Carey, who captured golden connected level successful Tokyo, was fourth. 

Konnor McClain, nan 2022 U.S. champion, exited nan title pinch an Achilles wounded suffered while warming up connected level exercise. 

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