Shane MacGowan's wife confesses grief 'is not as bad' as she expected following the death of The Pogues frontman adding: 'I thought I'd die'

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By Shannon Mcguigan

Published: 06:41 EST, 5 December 2023 | Updated: 06:49 EST, 5 December 2023

Shane MacGowan's widow, Victoria Mary Clarke, has revealed grief  'is not arsenic bad' arsenic she was expecting it to be. 

On November 30 successful nan early hours of nan morning, The Pogues frontman passed distant 'peacefully' aged 65 - only weeks awkward of his 66th connected Christmas Day.

In an question and reply pinch Good Morning Britain, Victoria - who wed nan vocalist successful 2018 - shared that she spent decades worrying astir Shane passing away.

However, now nan unfortunate clip is upon her, nan 57-year-old explained nan abundance of emotion and support she has received has helped her manage. 

‘I spent galore many years, astir apt astatine slightest 35 years worried astir losing Shane arsenic he pushed boundaries truthful overmuch pinch what humans tin do to their body,' she said.

Shane MacGowan's woman Victoria told Good Morning Britain connected Tuesday that condolences 'is not arsenic bad' arsenic she expected it to beryllium pursuing nan decease of The Pogues frontman connected Thursday

Victoria has said she feared losing her hubby for 35 years and thought she mightiness dice herself should nan worst hap - pictured together successful 2007  

‘I dreaded that. I thought that I would autumn apart. I thought I’d die, I thought I’d not beryllium capable to speak, comatosed aliases spell connected narcotics myself – thing for illustration that.’ 

She continued that she has been 'overwhelmed by nan magnitude of love‘ she received pursuing her husband's death.

'I want you each to cognize it’s [losing a loved one] not arsenic bad arsenic you deliberation it’s going to beryllium and there’s a immense magnitude of emotion that comes your measurement erstwhile you suffer personification that you didn’t really expect.' 

Good Morning Britain presenters, Susanna Reid and Ed Balls extended admiration to nan widow for her positivity successful nan aftermath of tragedy.

They besides shared really they would emotion to spot The Pogues' iconic Christmas hit, Fairytale Of New York, yet container nan number 1 spot.

The song, released successful 1988 peaked astatine number two, ne'er achieving nan apical charts spot, moreover though polls would regularly hail it arsenic nan champion Christmas opus ever written.

This comes aft fans sparked a run to get nan festive azygous to number 1 pursuing Shane's decease - a feat which could gain nan set £500,000 successful royalties. 

The Pogues frontman passed distant 'peacefully' successful nan early hours of nan greeting connected November 30 (pictured: Victoria and Shane successful 2023)

The journalist admitted that she had been 'overwhelmed' by nan magnitude of emotion and support she has received pursuing her husband's decease and that it has helped her header (pictured: Victoria and Shane)

Good Morning Britain hosts, Ed Balls and Susanna Reid (pictured) praised nan widow, adding that they would emotion to spot The Pogues Christmas deed yet spell number 1 aft 3 decades

After remaining a stalwart connected nan power for good complete 3 decades, nan opus is nan bookmakers' favourite to container nan coveted title.

At nan moment, nan way is still down different festive classics for illustration Wham!'s Last Christmas and Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You.

Although fans and celebrated faces, specified arsenic Piers Morgan, are keen to spot nan tune astatine nan apical of nan charts, Victoria explained that her hubby 'wouldn't mind excessively much' astir nan singles placement.

'I don't cognize if it was ever that important to him. He really appreciated nan truth that truthful galore group emotion it and it intends truthful overmuch to truthful galore people. Being number 1 isn't really each astir being appreciated.'

The journalist besides divulged that she primitively thought nan deed was 'a spot cheesy', but loves nan festive way now. 

The Celtic punk rocker was being treated successful infirmary since June of this twelvemonth and had travel backmost location soon earlier he passed away.

Victoria revealed they spent his last months 'happy' and enjoying nan quiet life.

‘We spent astir of our caller years sitting astatine location watching The Crown. We were happy. That’s what we wanted,’ she said

Although fans and celebrated look alike - specified arsenic Piers Morgan - person sparked a run to get The Pogues single, Fairytale Of New York to number one, his woman revealed Shane 'wouldn't mind excessively much' (pictured: Kirsty MacColl and Shane MacGowan successful 1988)

Victoria shared that nan brace enjoyed a 'quiet life' during The Pogues singer's last years, often watching The Crown (pictured successful 2022)