Seth Rollins suggests the REAL reason why Ronda Rousey left WWE... as he admits it was 'hard' for the former UFC star after three years in pro wrestling

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  • Rousey won respective championships successful WWE but left for a 2nd clip successful 2023
  • She was 1 of a number of erstwhile MMA stars who had tried their manus successful WWE
  • There has been varied success, pinch likes of Brock Lesnar and Matt Riddle trying

By Lewis Browning For Mailonline

Published: 04:16 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 04:16 EST, 13 February 2024

Seth Rollins has suggested what nan existent logic for Ronda Rousey's WWE exit could be.

Rousey seemed group for a prolonged 2nd tally pinch nan institution aft returning astatine - and winning - nan women's Royal Rumble successful 2022 and going onto clasp nan SmackDown Women's Championship and Women's Tag Team Championship.

But she near for a 2nd clip precocious past year, later appearing in Wrestling Revolver and Ring of Honor contempt claiming she had retired.

Her original tally successful WWE lasted from 2017 to 2019, and it was suggested that she could spell onto person a agelong profession successful nan athletics having made her sanction for herself successful nan UFC and looked a earthy arsenic a master wrestler.

Things haven't worked retired truthful acold for nan 37-year-old successful nan squared circle, and location could beryllium 1 peculiar logic why. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, speaking to ESPN, explained what that is. 

Seth Rollins has suggested nan existent logic why Ronda Rousey near WWE for a 2nd time

Rousey won a number of championships successful nan institution successful her 2 runs but now seems to person near for good

Her past lucifer was against real-life friend and chap erstwhile MMA prima Shayna Baszler (left) 

'They don’t person nan stamina for it, he said. 'They don’t conflict each azygous weekend. This title goes everywhere. It goes everywhere. It goes to for illustration Biloxi. 

'Especially nan apical stars complete there, they are catered to a definite way. That’s great, that’s their style, that’s what useful for them, I understand that, you conflict possibly erstwhile aliases doubly a year. You’re crazy, you conflict 3 times a year. To conflict complete 100 times a year, make each those towns, still beryllium capable to train, still beryllium capable to do each nan media, it’s an exhausting industry. 

'I don’t want to sound Ronda Rousey because I emotion Ronda and she did a batch for our industry, women successful our industry, and nan conflict manufacture successful general, but it was reliable for Ronda. She tried her damndest and it was difficult for her. 

'I’d emotion for personification to travel complete and return a ace if you deliberation you tin hang, but it’s hard.'

Rousey tasted occurrence successful nan UFC, becoming nan first UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion

She near successful 2016 and claimed to person retired earlier trying her manus astatine master wrestling

MMA stars making nan modulation to WWE person had varied success, pinch nan likes of Brock Lesnar starring arsenic a champion and forging a profession successful some companies.

Rousey, alongside nan likes of Matt Riddle, however, haven't had arsenic overmuch of a affirmative clip of things contempt showing first potential, and it remains unclear if stars specified arsenic Shayna Baszler and Paige Vanzant will make it arsenic a performer.

CM Punk, meanwhile, tried his manus astatine UFC pursuing a successful profession arsenic a wrestler, going nan different measurement to what is nan accepted route, and lost some his fights earlier returning to wrestling.