Sergio Aguero reveals he didn't want to leave Man City and was shocked when Lionel Messi exited Barcelona... as he opens up on being forced to retire with a heart problem

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Sergio Aguero has reflected connected his short enactment astatine Barcelona and having to discontinue from nan crippled owed to a bosom problem.

Aguero was a hugely prolific striker during his heyday and is best-known for a dressed up 10-year spell pinch Man City.

The Argentine - who scored 41 times successful 101 caps for his country - remains City's all-time starring goalscorer pinch 260 goals.

But aft slipping down nan pecking bid nether Pep Guardiola, nan nine revealed successful March 2021 that he would time off that summertime upon nan expiry of his contract.

And Aguero revealed he was keen to enactment astatine nan nine he had grown to love, but soon saw his head-turned by nan opportunity of joining Barcelona.

Sergio Aguero reflected connected his short enactment astatine Barcelona and being forced to discontinue from football

Aguero revealed he didn't want to time off Man City erstwhile he was informed he would beryllium released

The rustle was softened erstwhile Aguero thought he would nexus up pinch Lionel Messi astatine Barcelona

'In January 2021 City told maine that they were not going to renew my contract,' he told Juan Pablo Varsky connected Clank. 'In February they confirmed it to me. 

'I wanted 1 much year, I was consenting to beryllium connected nan bench. I had been playing small pinch Pep, but I wanted to help. 

'I felt that being a twelvemonth it was going to service maine physically to play successful nan World Cup.

'(But then) a telephone came from Barca, but they couldn't salary maine what City were. I didn't care, I told my head to put nan numbers successful and it was fixed successful 2 days. 

'When I had it closed I said to Leo (Messi), I imagined playing pinch him and what happened happened....'

However, a reunion pinch his chap countryman ne'er took place, pinch Barcelona incapable to afford a caller woody for Messi, who yet joined PSG, owed to financial restrictions.

And Aguero admitted that was reliable to return and he couldn't rather judge Messi would depart nan nine wherever he became an icon.  

He added: 'Leo assured maine that it was going to beryllium fixed (his renewal pinch Barca), that he was going to commencement training. 

'I saw nan news and I thought it was a fake. I wrote to him and he said "yes". I didn't moreover cognize what reply him, I didn't reply him anymore. I saw him nan adjacent time and he was beautiful bad.

'As soon arsenic Leo left, nan nine offered maine nan number 10, I told them no. No. because I didn't want to usage it, I had been nan 10 successful each my clubs... but I believed that Messi was going to return. 

'I told them that personification other should usage it. "You are nan only 1 who tin usage it, you aliases Ansu", they told me. I told them to springiness it to Ansu Fati, for maine nan 10 is Leo's, if he's not there, don't usage it.'

After a slow bedding successful play astatine nan Nou Camp, Aguero made his debut successful October 2021 against Valencia.

However, successful conscionable his 5th appearance, he was taken to infirmary pinch thorax discomfort during a 1-1 tie pinch Alaves.

Initially, it was reported that Aguero would miss 3 months of action, but aft being diagnosed arsenic cardiac arrhythmia - which is simply a information of irregularities successful nan heartbeat - Aguero retired successful December 2021 connected nan proposal of doctors. 

And nan 35-year-old opened up connected being forced to extremity playing nan crippled he loved and that fateful time against Alaves.

Messi ended up leaving nan nine owed to financial issues and Aguero said he was near shocked

The Argentine besides opened up connected being forced to discontinue from nan crippled owed to a bosom problem

'As we scope nan extremity of a play I jump to caput and commencement looking astatine my goal,' he said. 'I'm starting to get dizzy, I wanted to opportunity thing and nan words weren't coming out. 

'The Alaves defender was location and grabbed my hand. He started shouting until nan referee saw maine and stopped nan collision.

'When I sewage down connected nan writer is erstwhile that unit went down. And my bosom started beating faster. I sewage nan arrhythmia. I had already had smaller episodes.

'And a week earlier it had happened to maine successful training. The expert told maine to calm down that it was going to stop, but it didn't stop. 

'Two minutes were for illustration 20. I took it arsenic if it was going to cure, and I was hospitalised for 4 days and past nan test came.'