Seething Daniel Ricciardo launches X-rated tirade in team radio message after DRS problem in Sao Paulo: 'F**k!'

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  • Ricciardo apologised to his squad for nan outburst

By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 21:24 EDT, 4 November 2023 | Updated: 21:29 EDT, 4 November 2023

Australian F1 prima Daniel Ricciardo has exploded successful an expletive-filled tirade aft a frustrating title wherever he grounded to decorativeness wrong nan points during nan Sao Paulo sprint title astatine nan Brazil Grand Prix connected Sunday morning.

After crossing nan statement successful ninth, agonisingly adjacent to title points, Ricciardo spent half of his cooldown thigh successful soundlessness earlier blowing up complete squad radio.

'F**k,' he said. 'F**k, f**k, f**k, f**k. Sorry guys.'

'That f**king DRS successful Turn 2. You walk successful 1 and you conscionable get f****d. It's impossible.

'Anyway, I'll unopen up. Sorry guys.'

Daniel Ricciardo has exploded successful an bonzer mode following a frustrating sprint title astatine nan Brazil Grand Prix connected Sunday morning

Ricciardo vanished nan title successful 9th position, conscionable extracurricular nan points

 After nan Aussie had calmed down aft nan race, Ricciardo explained that nan DRS (drag simplification system) was hampering him.

'The DRS line, nan 2nd discovery statement is…every clip I walk successful Turn 1, I fundamentally activity him backmost walk for Turn 4 for truthful that was highly frustrating,' Ricciardo said.

'But I didn't really consciousness I could do overmuch much because evidently trying to walk personification but I ne'er sewage rewarded.

'Fighting and getting successful a conflict for rather a fewer laps past allowed Oscar and I deliberation a mates others down america to commencement closing in. 

I near nan doorway unfastened successful [turn] 8 truthful that's my fault. Let Oscar by and we mislaid a fewer tenths down him.

'Got him back, caught Carlos again and past a thigh to spell we were retired connected our arse.'

The Aussie will person his activity trim retired for him successful Monday morning's GP, starting nan title from P17 .

Max Verstappen comfortably won his 4th sprint title of nan twelvemonth to widen his lead astatine nan apical of nan standings.

Ricciardo apologised to his teammates for his expletive-filled tirade complete radio

The three-time world champion, who starts successful rod position for tomorrow's title successful São Paulo, came from 2nd to overtake Lando Norris.

Verstappen’s Red Bull partner Sergio Perez came successful third, while Mercedes driver George Russell clinched nan 4th position.

Yuki Tsunoda had an fantabulous title complete 24 laps to decorativeness sixth, 1 spot down Charles Leclerc, while Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz vanished seventh and eighth.

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