See Nathan Cleary's stunning home renovation after footy superstar's romance with Matildas ace Mary Fowler went public

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  •  Cleary shows disconnected stunning location renovations
  •  Star purchased location for $1.7m earlier this year
  •  He bought nan riverside location from his parents

By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 20:46 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 20:51 EDT, 31 October 2023

NSW and Penrith Panthers superstar Nathan Cleary has revealed immoderate of nan breathtaking renovations he is making to his stunning $1.7million riverside location successful Sydney's west.

Cleary, who has been photographed pinch his emotion interest Matildas ace Mary Fowler successful Perth this week, purchased nan luxury home connected nan Nepean River from his parents earlier this year.

Nathan's begetter and coach astatine nan Panthers, Ivan, initially purchased nan location for $1.175m successful 2013, erstwhile Nathan was a teenager.

The 25-year-old took to societal media this week to stock nan creation for his bathroom, which was initially posted by Sydney interior creation workplace Alicia Xiberras Interiors.

'Introducing our bath creation for our Penrith section fable Nathan Cleary,' wrote nan studio.

Panthers prima Nathan Cleary has revealed immoderate of nan breathtaking renovations he is making to his stunning $1.7million location connected nan Nepean River successful Sydney's west

Cleary (pictured choosing nan look of his caller bathroom) purchased nan location earlier this twelvemonth from his parents, who bought nan spot successful 2013

'Designing Nathan's bath was a awesome experience, arsenic his little was retired of nan ordinary.

'This bath is nan meaning of municipality masculine style, pinch a luxury look. To execute this, nan AXI squad created a contrasting colour palette pinch a operation of refined and unsocial shapes to thief bring Nathan’s imagination to life.

'Be judge to enactment tuned for much of Nathan’s location renovations to come!'

The creation workplace besides shared a video clip wrong Cleary's home, wherever Cleary expresses his liking successful modern creation ideas. 

The location sits successful a leafy situation pinch some indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, and features ample floor-to-ceiling windows that let tons of earthy light.

The freely location is besides located adjacent BlueBet Stadium, which is very convenient for Panthers location games and training.

The 25-year-old is 1 of nan competition's apical players and committed to Penrith past twelvemonth erstwhile he signed a woody worthy $1.1million a play to enactment astatine nan club.

Cleary is among nan highest earners successful nan NRL, and has been earning each cent arsenic he played a starring domiciled successful driving nan Panthers to 3 consecutive premierships.

The luxury location sits successful a leafy situation pinch some indoor and outdoor entertaining areas

The location is adjacent to BlueBet Stadium, which is very convenient for nan Panthers playmaker

The superstar halfback is 1 of nan best-paid players successful nan NRL and tin easy spend to pine up his caller property

Cleary was photographed pinch Matildas prima Mary Fowler earlier this week aft jetting to Perth to support her successful nan Aussies' Olympics qualifying matches

After captaining his squad to 3 premierships, Cleary is now regarded arsenic 1 of nan champion Panthers players ever and 1 of nan champion halfbacks of nan modern age.

Daily Mail Australia exclusively revealed that Cleary flew successful to watch Mary Fowler and nan Matildas play nan Philippines connected Sunday, and besides exclusively obtained photos of nan duo spending clip together successful Highgate, adjacent nan city's CBD, connected Tuesday.

Fowler and Cleary person been romantically linked since being spotted together doubly soon aft nan Matildas' World Cup run wrapped up.

The brace grabbed a takeaway java from a section cafe successful Perth and were seen enjoying each other's institution and laughing, pinch an onlooker describing their relationship arsenic 'low-key but cute'.

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