Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic used medically for induction and maintenance of anesthesia. It is also used as a treatment for depression and pain management. It is a novel... Wikipedia

  • Trade names:  Ketalar, others
  • AHFS/  Monograph
  • data:  US DailyMed: Ketamine
  • Pregnancy, category:  AU: B3
  • Addiction, liability:  Moderate–high
  • Routes of, administration:  Any
  • Legal status:  AU: S8 (Controlled), CA: Schedule I, DE: Unscheduled, UK: Class B, US: Schedule III, UN: Unscheduled, Rx-only
  • CAS Number:  6740-88-1 Y[], 33643-46-8 (esketamine), 33643-49-1 (arketamine), 1867-66-9
  • ATC code:  N01AX03 (WHO)
  • PubChem:  CID [/ 3821]
  • IUPHAR/BPS:  4233
  • DrugBank:  DB01221 Y[]
  • ChemSpider:  3689 Y[]
  • UNII:  690G0D6V8H Y[]
  • KEGG:  D08098 Y[], D00711
  • ChEBI:  CHEBI:6121 Y[]
  • ChEMBL:  CHEMBL742 Y[]
  • Synonyms:  CI-581, CL-369, CM-52372-2
  • Data Source:  DuckDuckGo