Scottie Scheffler's rival has hilarious response to the golfer's arrest outside the PGA Championship

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  • Scheffler was arrested extracurricular Valhalla Golf Club connected early Friday morning
  • The incident has been nan cardinal arena of nan PGA Championship frankincense far
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By Eric Blum

Published: 23:57 EDT, 18 May 2024 | Updated: 23:57 EDT, 18 May 2024

One of Scottie Scheffler's main rivals for nan PGA Championship crown had a hilarious consequence to nan golfer's apprehension extracurricular Valhalla Golf Club.  

Scheffler has been nan talk of nan play world arsenic a awesome title descended connected Louisville, Kentucky complete nan weekend. 

Scheffler is nan No 1 golfer successful nan world and was returning to title for nan first clip since nan commencement of his son. The attraction connected him only accrued pinch Friday's incident while trying to participate nan venue. 

Scheffler was detained for astir 3 hours and stretched for nan 2nd information of nan PGA Championship from a jailhouse cell. 

It was rival Mark Hubbard who took to X to respond to Scheffler's mugshot: 'No f***ing measurement Scottie only weighs 170…f*** I’m fat'. 

Scheffler's mug changeable from Friday greeting aft his apprehension has circulated astir nan internet

Hubbard's guidance to Scheffler's apprehension was unsocial arsenic 1 of his PGA Championship rivals

Hubbard is still successful contention astatine nan PGA Championship contempt shooting a two-over-par connected Saturday, dropping him to seven-under-par wide for nan tournament. 

Scheffler and Hubbard some started Saturday astatine nine-under-par and dropped 20 spots successful nan standings to commencement nan last information successful a necktie for 24th place.

They're some 8 shots disconnected nan co-leaders Collin Morikawa and Xander Schauffele astatine 15-under-par. 

Hubbard does person 4 master wins arsenic a golfer, but nary person travel connected nan PGA Tour. 

Sunday will apt people Hubbard's best-ever decorativeness astatine a awesome tournament, pinch his antecedently champion coming astatine nan 2020 PGA Championship, wherever he vanished successful 51st place. 

Scheffler has been billed astatine person to 200 pounds astatine erstwhile PGA events, pinch immoderate connected societal media suggesting nan determination of 30 pounds little than that came consecutive from his driver's license. 

That would mean Scheffler apt weighed that magnitude during his precocious teenage years.  

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