Scotland's Women's team left fuming over questions about integrity before facing England tonight - where players know LOSING could help them play at the Olympics due to bizarre rule

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  • Rachel Corsie said it was 'outrageous' to mobility nan integrity of her team 
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By Oli Gamp For Mailonline

Published: 06:49 EST, 5 December 2023 | Updated: 06:50 EST, 5 December 2023

Scotland women's skipper Rachel Corsie was near enraged by suggestions they could fto England triumph their crunch Nations League conflict connected Tuesday evening - because it would springiness them a chance of competing astatine adjacent year's Olympics. 

England must dream Belgium do them a favour against nan Netherlands aliases hit Scotland by 3 goals successful bid to leapfrog nan Dutch astatine nan apical of their group and person a chance of featuring astatine nan Paris games.

However, arsenic England are nan nominated federation to suffice for nan tourney connected behalf of Team GB, it intends players from each 4 location nations would beryllium capable to correspond nan side, including Scotland. 

It has truthful been suggested that it would beryllium successful Scotland's interests to suffer nan crippled successful bid to springiness themselves a chance of competing astatine an Olympic Games.

But Corsie deed backmost astatine nan 'outragous' thought and said it was an 'insult' that their integrity had been called into question.

Scotland skipper Rachel Corsie has deed backmost astatine claims they could fto England hit them

England hit Netherlands 3-2 past clip retired but still could request a comfortable triumph complete nan Scots to play astatine adjacent years' Games

'A batch of group extracurricular person spoken astir it and truthfully I deliberation it is truthful disrespectful,' said Corsie.

'To person played for my state for arsenic galore years arsenic I have, to cognize nan girls that beryllium successful there, nan ones that want to beryllium here, nan ones who can't beryllium present done injury, I deliberation it is perfectly outrageous to mobility anyone's integrity and I deliberation it is simply a immense reproach to us.

'I understand why nan mobility is being asked but, for us, nan information is playing for your country.

'It's difficult to understand if you've ne'er knowledgeable it but erstwhile you person knowledgeable it, you don't request other motivation. It is perfectly nan pinnacle of nan athletics to correspond your federation truthful that will perfectly beryllium nan information tomorrow, to beryllium pulling connected nan Scotland jersey.'

The Scots are bottommost successful their group but would person a chance of competing pinch Team GB should England qualify

Scotland leader Pedro Martinez Losa besides poured scorn connected nan bizarre proposal connected Tuesday

Scotland coach Pedro Martinez Losa besides took rumor pinch nan thought Scotland's integrity could beryllium called into question. His broadside are presently bottommost of their group pinch 2 points connected nan committee from 5 games - and truthful person thing to play for successful this game.

'I don't consciousness happy astir nan questioning of nan integrity of nan Scottish players,' he said. 

'The business is 1 we cannot change, a business we person been brought into. I wish it could person been anticipated aliases we could person changed it,' added Martinez Losa, whose Scotland broadside will decorativeness bottommost of nan group.

'I do not deliberation location is immoderate different emotion that will beryllium connected nan pitch. I wish this was not nan situation, I americium not judge what nan solution will beryllium successful nan early but I do not want my players to beryllium successful this situation.'

In England's past crippled against nan Netherlands, nan Lionesses recovered themselves 2-0 down earlier mounting an unthinkable precocious comeback to triumph nan crippled done Georgia Stanway, Lauren Hemp and Ella Toone.

England leader Sarina Wiegman insisted that Scotland would not 'give distant this game'

But England players were still seen pinch dejected looks connected their faces astatine afloat clip arsenic nan consequence was costly for their inferior extremity quality pinch 1 crippled to go.

Speaking up of nan immense game, England leader Sarina Wiegman besides dismissed nan suggestions that Scotland could let them to triumph nan game.

'There's nary measurement Scotland are going to springiness distant this game,' said England head Sarina Wiegman, who will coach Team GB astatine nan Olympics.

'That is perfectly not going to beryllium nan lawsuit - there's specified a rivalry, if you person seen our group, seen Scotland and cognize nan history of Scotland and England. They really want to hit England and we want to hit them.'


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