Scientists reveal what caused the 'catastrophic collapse' that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago

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  • Scientists are connected nan hunt to uncover what caused nan dinosaurs to spell extinct 
  • A caller study recovered that particulate from pulverized rock created a atomic winter 
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By Stacy Liberatore For and Afp

Published: 16:16 EDT, 30 October 2023 | Updated: 05:16 EDT, 31 October 2023

Scientists announced Monday that it was not nan asteroid effect that killed disconnected nan dinosaurs 66 cardinal years ago, but debris ejected played a captious role.

The connection comes from a squad led by nan Royal Observatory of Belgium, which wished particulate from pulverized stone was thrown into Earth's atmosphere, blocking nan sun and hindering nan photosynthesis of plants.

New modeling showed that nan magnitude of particulate was astir 2,000 gigatonnes - exceeding 11 times nan weight of Mt. Everest - and lingered in the ambiance for up to 15 years, causing a worldwide atomic winter. 

Consequently, vegetation would person died off, resulting successful nan starvation of galore herbivorous species, including immoderate dinosaurs - kicking disconnected the catastrophic wide extinction arena that saw 75 percent of surviving creatures vanish from Earth.

Scientists announced Monday that it was not nan asteroid effect that killed disconnected nan dinosaurs 66 cardinal years ago, but debris ejected played a captious role

Scientists person been tirelessly moving to unravel nan enigma of nan dinosaur extinction since nan Chicxulub Crater was discovered successful 1978.

However, nan geological statement is not capable to reason that nan monolithic asteroid was capable to thrust nan dinosaurs to extinction.

The starring mentation precocious has been that sulfur from nan asteroid's impact—or soot from world wildfires it sparked—blocked retired nan entity and plunged nan world into a long, acheronian winter, sidesplitting each but nan fortunate few.

However, investigation published Monday based connected particles recovered astatine a captious fossil tract reasserted an earlier hypothesis: that particulate kicked up by nan asteroid caused nan effect winter.

The particles were recovered astatine nan Tanis fossil tract successful nan US authorities of North Dakota.

Though 1,865 miles distant from nan crater, nan tract has preserved respective singular finds believed to beryllium dated from straight aft nan asteroid effect successful sediment layers of an ancient lake.

The researchers said nan particulate particles were astir 0.8 to 8.0 micrometers—just nan correct size to instrumentality astir successful nan ambiance for up to 15 years.

Entering this information into ambiance models akin to those utilized for current-day Earth, nan researchers wished that particulate apt played a acold much important domiciled successful nan wide extinction than antecedently thought.

Out of each nan worldly changeable into nan ambiance by nan asteroid, they estimated that it was 75 percent, 24 percent sulfur and 1 percent soot.

Sean Gulick, a geophysicist astatine nan University of Texas astatine Austin and not progressive successful nan research, told AFP that nan study was different absorbing effort to reply nan 'hot question'—what drove nan effect of winter—but did not supply nan definitive answer.

He emphasized that discovering what happened during nan world's past wide extinction arena was important for knowing nan past and future.

'Maybe we tin amended foretell our ain wide extinction that we're astir apt successful nan mediate of,' Gulick said.

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