Saudi Arabia to host 2034 World Cup as FIFA confirms the nation as the sole bidder... after Australia withdrew from contention to stage the tournament

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Saudi Arabia will big nan 2034 FIFA World Cup aft nan federation was confirmed arsenic nan sole bidder for nan tourney by nan governing body.

FIFA announced earlier this period that only bidders from Asia and Oceania would beryllium considered for 2034, citing continental rotation of nan tournament.

The move came pinch Spain, Portugal and Morocco agreeing to shape nan 2030 World Cup, pinch Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay each hosting 1 match.

Saudi Arabia presented a missive of intent to big nan 2034 arena soon aft FIFA's declaration.

Football Australia, who were viewed arsenic nan only apt rivals to a Saudi bid, announced connected Tuesday it had decided against bidding to big nan tournament.

Saudi Arabia has been confirmed arsenic nan sole bidder for nan 2034 FIFA World Cup

FIFA president Gianni Infantino (middle) attended nan motorboat of Saudi Arabia's Esports World Cup past week successful Riyadh (seated adjacent to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman)

Countries hoping to big nan 2034 World Cup were required to definitive general liking by October 31 supply a signed bidding statement by November 30.

FIFA has now confirmed nan declarations of liking for some nan 2030 and 2034 tournaments, efficaciously confirming nan hosts of nan World Cups. 

The governing assemblage has said it will behaviour a thorough bidding and information process, pinch general confirmation of nan appointments group to beryllium made by nan FIFA Congress successful nan last 4th of 2024.

FIFA opportunity nan process will beryllium evaluated against minimum hosting requirements and opportunity speech will return spot regarding 'infrastructure, services, commercial, and sustainability and quality rights'.

While FIFA stated requirements must beryllium met successful nan information reports, nan announcement of Saudi Arabia arsenic nan sole bidder for 2034 has made awarding of nan tourney to nan federation efficaciously a foregone conclusion.

The awarding of nan tourney to Saudi Arabia would apt require different wintertime World Cup, pinch Qatar's hosting having forced Europe's apical leagues to pause their seasons past November and December.

With temperatures successful Saudi Arabia regularly hitting arsenic precocious arsenic 43 degrees celsius successful summer, a wintertime slot is nan only humane action for a World Cup.

Saudi Arabia's hosting would beryllium met pinch controversy, despite them expanding their sporting portfolio successful caller years pinch Formula 1, boxing and nan recruitment of stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema to nan Saudi Pro League.

Infantino and FIFA are apt to look disapproval should Saudi Arabia beryllium ratified arsenic nan hosts

Amnesty International, a vocal professional of Saudi Arabia's push into elite-level sport, said connected Tuesday that nan Kingdom would request to springiness FIFA 'clear and binding commitments' connected areas specified arsenic quality rights, successful bid to beryllium awarded nan prestige of hosting a World Cup.

'Human authorities commitments must beryllium agreed pinch imaginable hosts earlier last decisions connected holding nan tournaments are made,' they said.

'The champion chance for Fifa to get binding guarantees to protect workers' rights, guarantee state of look and forestall favoritism linked to nan World Cup is during nan big action process - not aft nan hosts person been confirmed and tourney mentation has begun.'

Last week Human Rights Watch said: 'The anticipation that Fifa could grant Saudi Arabia nan 2034 World Cup contempt its appalling quality authorities grounds and closed doorway to immoderate monitoring exposes Fifa's commitments to quality authorities arsenic a sham.'

Saudi Arabia, whose finance successful shot and improvement of their ain Pro League complete nan past 12 months has been astronomical, was initially tipped to bid for nan 2030 World Cup.

That bid progressive Greece, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia co-hosting nan tournament, but plans were dropped pinch Saudi Arabia focusing connected being nan sole hosts successful 2034.

Saudi Arabia's hosting of nan tourney would apt require different wintertime World Cup

The federation has invested heavy successful recruiting apical stars for illustration Cristiano Ronaldo complete nan past year

Asian Football Confederation president Sheikh Salman had announced 'the full Asian shot family will guidelines agreed successful support of nan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's momentous initiative'.

Saudi Arabia has qualified for nan World Cup, connected six occasions pinch their first quality coming successful 1994.

They notably defeated world champions Argentina 2-1 astatine nan 2022 World Cup successful Qatar.

Saudi Arabia would build up to nan 2034 tourney by hosting nan Asian Cup for nan first clip successful 2027, pinch 4 caller stadiums being built for nan event. 

The 2026 World Cup will beryllium held successful nan United States successful nan first 48-team edition, while hosting duties betwixt for nan 2030 tourney will beryllium divided crossed six different countries.

Spain, Morocco, and Portugal will beryllium nan main tourney host, but successful honour of nan typical day of nan first-ever World Cup, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina will each big opening matches.


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