Sarah Jessica Parker gives MAJOR Aidan Shaw update ahead of And Just Like That - after heartbreaking season two finale saw him and Carrie Bradshaw embark on a FIVE YEAR break

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Sex and nan City spin-off And Just Like That devastated viewers erstwhile Carrie Bradshaw's latest changeable astatine emotion pinch Aidan Shaw was near successful turmoil aft he asked for a 5 twelvemonth break.

But Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays nan beloved New Yorker, has teased John Corbett, who plays Aidan, will person a 'significant' domiciled successful nan 3rd season – contempt their characters' hiatus.

The actress, 59, hinted that he will beryllium portion of Carrie's 'quest' to find herself arsenic she made a astonishment quality astatine nan Warner Bros Upfront arena successful New York City connected Wednesday.

Sharing her excitement complete what's successful shop for nan HBO drama, which resumed filming successful March, Parker said: 'The metropolis continues to beryllium this banquet of opportunity.

'We person these awesome caller formed members, who are nary longer new, truthful location is that.

Sarah Jessica Parker has teased Aidan Shaw will person a 'significant' domiciled successful nan 3rd play of nan Sex and nan City spinoff And Just Like That

Aidan, played by John Corbett, returned to nan HBO Max bid successful play 2 aft nan decease of Carrie's hubby Mr Big

'And I deliberation that Carrie is astatine a constituent successful her life erstwhile this unthinkable arena happened and past she realized that life is short and now it's clip to germinate and perpetrate much truthful to being nan applicable personification she wants to be.

'So, what does that mean? And wherever mightiness that return a person? And Aidan does play a somewhat important portion of that quest, truthful we're excited.'

Aidan returned to nan fold successful nan 2nd season when Carrie contacted him aft nan decease of her hubby Mr Big, played by Chris Noth.

After sending an email entitled 'hey stranger', she revealed during a luncheon pinch Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) that nan now-divorced Aidan – who was surviving successful Virginia – would beryllium successful New York City for a gathering and had asked her for meal connected Valentine's Day.

The brace quickly reignited their narration - but nan play ended pinch Aidan asking Carrie if she could put nan romance connected clasp for 5 years for nan liking of his troubled teenage son.

He collapsed nan devastating news arsenic Carrie sold her beloved West Village flat to acquisition a pricey four-bedroom, three-bathroom spot adjacent Gramercy Park that could fresh Aidan and his 3 sons erstwhile they sojourn from Virginia. 

'The only nan point that I emotion much than you is my boys,' Aidan said. 'I made a committedness to them, but I won’t suffer you again. I won’t. Just springiness maine immoderate time.' 

The Sex and nan City spinoff was renewed for a 3rd play backmost successful August, conscionable days earlier nan much-anticipated return of Kim Cattrall's iconic Sex and nan City characteristic Samantha Jones.

In a statement, Max's Head of Original Content Sarah Aubrey, said astatine nan time: 'As we attack nan highly anticipated play finale... we raise our cosmos to [showrunner] Michael Patrick King and his magnificent squad of writers, producers, formed and unit who proceed to charm us, 25 years later, pinch move friendships and engaging stories.' 

Parker ,59, revealed that 'Aidan does play a somewhat important part' successful Carrie's 'quest' successful play three 

She dropped nan bombshell teaser during nan Warner Bros Upfront arena successful New York City connected Wednesday 

Carrie collapsed Aidan's bosom twice, erstwhile once she cheated connected him pinch Big and again erstwhile she turned down his matrimony connection (pictured successful play 4 successful 2001)

Showrunner Michael Patrick King said: 'We are thrilled to walk much clip successful nan Sex and nan City beingness telling caller stories astir nan lives of these relatable and aspirational characters played by these astonishing actors.'

The past season also saw recently sober Miranda navigating her post-breakup narration pinch nan dreaded Che, played by Sara Ramirez, and Charlotte leaving down immoderate of her home duties to sewage backmost to activity astatine a gallery.

In March, it was announced that character Karen Pittman, who played Professor Nya Wallace connected nan Sex and nan City spin-off, won't beryllium returning for nan caller season, citing 'scheduling conflicts.'

Parker and Casey Bloys, Chairman and CEO HBO and Max Content, pictured astatine nan Warner Bros. Discovery Upfront 2024 event 

'It has been a joyousness to person Karen Pittman play nan smart and stunning Professor Nya Wallace connected nan first 2 seasons of And Just Like That,' a Max spokesperson told Deadline.

'As we person thoroughly enjoyed moving pinch this move actress, truthful excessively person others. Due to her commitments to 2 different streamer series, it has go evident that filming 3 shows astatine erstwhile isn't possible.'

The connection concluded: 'Due to nan accumulation realities, we are disappointed to denote that scheduling conflicts will not let america to proceed pinch this characteristic arsenic portion of play 3 of And Just Like That.

'Karen and Nya will beryllium missed, and her Max family and fans will each beryllium cheering her connected successful her different endeavors.'

Karen's characteristic Nya was 1 of nan astir salient caller characters connected nan show.

She started retired arsenic Miranda's professor successful play one, and past became her friend and roommate successful play two.

Nya isn't nan only caller characteristic to depart earlier play three, pinch Ramirez's Che Diaz besides leaving.

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