San Francisco 49ers 'acquire former second overall pick Chase Young from the Washington Commanders for a third-round pick'

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  • The Commanders perpetrate to a re-build aft trading Young and Montez Sweat 
  • Young has 5 sacks this twelvemonth and re-unites pinch assemblage teammate Nick Bosa
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By Jake Fenner For Dailymail.Com

Published: 14:47 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 15:59 EDT, 31 October 2023

Former second-overall prime Chase Young has been traded from nan Washington Commanders to nan San Francisco 49ers successful a blockbuster trade.

According to aggregate reports, nan protect extremity will beryllium heading to nan Bay Area successful speech for a third-round pick. 

Young won Defensive Rookie of nan Year successful 2020, but suffered a superior wounded successful 2021 that kept him retired for astir of that play and a bully information of nan 2022 season.

This move will reunite him pinch erstwhile Ohio State teammate and reigning Defensive Player of nan Year Nick Bosa connected a 49ers protect statement that conscionable sewage moreover scarier pinch Young's addition.

It besides is simply a motion that nan Commanders are gunning for a full-blown re-build aft trading chap D-Lineman Montez Sweat earlier successful nan day.

Chase Young has been traded to nan San Francisco 49ers successful speech for a third-round pick

By going to San Francisco, Young will re-unite pinch erstwhile Ohio State teammate Nick Bosa (97)

Young joins a beforehand 4 of himself and Bosa alongside Arik Armstead and Javon Hargrave successful what could beryllium to beryllium nan top protect statement successful nan league.

But nan deficiency of accumulation connected that D-Line has led San Francisco to plaything for this large waste and acquisition now.

After a beardown 2022 play pinch 44 sacks connected nan year, nan Niners are now middle-of-the-road for sacks pinch conscionable 18 this season.

This season, Young has 5 sacks and six tackles for a nonaccomplishment alongside 12 solo tackles while pinch Washington this year.

According to reports from ESPN's Adam Schefter, nan prime being sent to Washington will either beryllium a compensatory prime nan Niners sewage for losing OT Mike McGlinchey aliases a  compensatory prime they received for nan nonaccomplishment of coach DeMeco Ryans.

If Young decides to time off successful free agency, nan Niners could get yet different compensatory prime arsenic a result, Schefter says. 

Young, a DC-area native, was taken 2nd wide successful nan 2020 NFL Draft aft a beardown assemblage profession pinch nan Buckeyes.

Young presently has 12 tackles, 5 sacks, and six tackles for a nonaccomplishment connected nan season

In his first season, he recorded 30 solo tackles and seven-and-a-half sacks - earning Defensive Rookie of nan Year honors.

But successful a crippled against nan Tampa Bay Buccaneers successful Week 10 of nan 2021 NFL season, he tore his ACL and patellar tendon.

He needed room and missed nan remainder of nan 2021 season. His betterment took longer than expected and he sat retired until Week 16 of nan 2022 season.

The Commanders declined Young's fifth-year rookie action anterior to nan commencement of nan 2023 season. 

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