San Diego border agents arrest 269 Chinese migrants in a single DAY amid growing concern over why so many are flooding into the US

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San Diego Border Patrol agents person faced an untenable flood of Chinese migrants sneaking complete nan separator each day, raising fears complete nan increasing power of nan dispute authorities successful nan US. 

Border sources declare that 269 Chinese migrants were apprehended by CBP officials successful a azygous time this week, according to Fox News' Bill Melugin - pinch nan number not including those who negociate to transverse undetected. 

Chinese nationals now dress up nan largest increasing demographic of migrants crossing nan porous US-Mexico border. And 2024 is already good on-track to easy transcend nan staggering 37,000 Chinese migrants who were apprehended by nan CBP successful nan 2023 fiscal year.

So acold successful nan 2024 fiscal year, which began successful October, complete 20,000 Chinese migrants person been apprehended. In 2021, this number stood astatine conscionable 342. 

It comes aft a US Border Patrol main warned that his agents are being overwhelmed by nan flood of Chinese migrants, fearing mediocre verification measures mean they could beryllium missing Communist spies, revealed past week.

Chinese nationals now dress up nan fastest-growing faction of forbidden separator crossers into nan US, pinch complete 20,000 apprehended since October and reports of upwards of 250 much each azygous day 

The precocious occurrence complaint of Chinese asylum claims is simply a long-standing trend, but it has travel nether nan spotlight pursuing a spike successful forbidden crossings by Chinese migrants past year 

A ample magnitude of nan forbidden crossings successful San Diego assemblage hap successful Jacumba wherever location is simply a mini spread successful nan wall that forbidden immigrants move done each day. (We changeable this a mates weeks ago).
Inexplicably, nan Biden admin has made nary effort to capable aliases hole this mini gap.

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) February 13, 2024

Fears complete nan soaring complaint of Chinese nationals crossing into nan US comes arsenic nan federation continues to turn its existent property holdings successful nan US, raising questions complete whether regulations should beryllium put successful spot to halt nan CCP's imaginable power successful nan US. 

In San Diego, wherever a ample percent of Chinese migrants opt to effort and get into America, nan easiness astatine which group debar discovery was captured successful stunning footage shared by Melugin. 

In footage shared to X, a mini spread successful nan separator obstruction has go a celebrated spot for migrants to gaffe into nan US. Despite reports bringing attraction to nan blatant flaw, nan Biden management has seemingly done thing to hole it for respective weeks. 

According to nan latest CBP statistics, nan San Diego assemblage wherever nan spread is recovered has seen complete 95,000 migrant encounters since October - compared to conscionable complete 53,000 successful nan aforesaid timeframe successful 2023. 

In total, nan CBP has tracked complete 1 cardinal migrant encounters since October, nan earliest nan people has ever been reached successful a fiscal twelvemonth - pinch mounting scrutiny falling connected nan number that are hailing from China.   

Among those seeking asylum, immoderate person been recovered to person links pinch nan Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated People's Liberation Army (PLA), but separator chiefs are concerned much could beryllium slipping done their grasp.  

Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Good, of nan Border Patrol’s El Paso Sector, told nan Homeland Security Committee during a backstage proceeding successful September past twelvemonth that his agents were 'trying their champion to fig out why [individuals from different continents are] coming' but that 'information tin beryllium hidden' and 'their agendas, their ideologies, nan logic for them coming could beryllium missed'.

More successful asylum claims successful nan US are made by Chinese migrants than immoderate different nationality, according to authorities data 

Chinese nationals besides person nan 3rd highest occurrence complaint erstwhile it comes to US asylum claims

Gloria Chavez, main patrol supplier for nan Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley Sector, besides told nan Committee successful June that nan monolithic surge successful Chinese migrants had forced her agents to enlist a translator service, pinch each Chinese nationalist taking up to 7 hours to interview.

The interviews were shared pinch by nan committee.

Its chair, Mark Green, said nan surge successful Chinese migrants was a 'massive' nationalist information concern.

He said agents were being 'overwhelmed', pinch galore Chinese nationals being 'released into nan interior pinch small information for their state of origin'.

Green blamed Homeland Security main Alejandro Mayorkas for making it 'clear to nan full world that our borders are open'.

He added: 'While it is existent that immoderate individuals whitethorn beryllium seeking alleviation from authoritarian regimes, location is nary measurement for our brave men and women connected nan frontlines of this situation to adequately vet each of them earlier being efficaciously forced to merchandise them—particularly erstwhile countries for illustration China won’t let america entree to their various rule enforcement databases. 

'My Committee has been informed that immoderate of these Chinese nationals person moreover been recovered to beryllium affiliated pinch nan People’s Liberation Army and nan Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—and those are conscionable nan ones we’ve been capable to vet.

'As nan CCP useful to undermine and infiltrate our institutions and moreover subject installations, Secretary Mayorkas has made it clear to nan full world that our borders are open. 

'This is simply unsustainable, and nan nationalist information risks are massive.'

An asylum seeking migrant from China holds up his passport and paperwork arsenic he is photographed by a U.S. Border Patrol successful December 2023  

A five-year-old migrant boy from China chases his relative down a way aft he and his family crossed nan Rio Grande stream into nan United States from Mexico successful Fronton, Texas, U.S., April 5, 2023

CBP sources said nan number of full migrant crossings since October has soared past 1 million, compared to nan aforesaid clip framework past twelvemonth astatine 923,446

The astonishment detonation successful crossings by Chinese migrants has sparked fevered speculation complete why truthful galore are abruptly making nan arduous travel from East Asia, pinch immoderate commentators suggesting Beijing whitethorn beryllium smuggling successful immoderate arsenic spies.

But migration experts person said they thought it improbable that nan CCP would nonstop successful agents successful this manner, suggesting Xi Jinping would for illustration a much nonstop way utilizing activity visas - arsenic has been nan lawsuit successful nan past.

Links to nan CCP and PLA are communal among Chinese citizens and does not needfully mean they are operating arsenic spies.

Meanwhile, startling US authorities information has revealed that more forbidden Chinese migrants were granted asylum successful nan complete nan past 3 years than immoderate different nationality, raising concerns that much will beryllium encouraged to follow.

In 2022, Chinese nationals accounted for 14 per cent of each successful 'defensive' asylum claims.

These claims are alleged because they are made by those defending themselves from deportation proceedings, truthful would see migrants who person crossed nan separator illegally.

China besides tops nan array for each types of successful asylum claims, pinch 13 per cent of each approved applications.

That is contempt nan Chinese being responsible for conscionable 1 per cent of each separator encounters that year.

Around 2 thirds of Chinese asylum claims were successful betwixt 2001 to 2021, nan 3rd highest occurrence complaint of immoderate country, according to study of Immigration Court records by Syracuse University.

Last year, nan fig was 55 per cent.

Compounding matters is Beijing's refusal to repatriate its citizens erstwhile their asylum claims are rejected.

A erstwhile adjunct caput of authorities told that Beijing would often contradict that nan migrants were so Chinese.

The US is powerless successful these situations.

Experts are informing that nan precocious occurrence complaint of Chinese migrants claiming asylum - coupled pinch Beijing's refusal to return backmost them backmost if they neglect - is acting arsenic a 'green light' to galore considering taking their chances connected nan border. 

Rebecca Grant, Ph.D., a nationalist information expert astatine IRIS Independent Research, said nan 'historically precocious complaint of accepting claims from China' coupled pinch Beijing's grounds of blocking repatriation acted arsenic a 'huge greenish light' for migrants.

Chinese migrants arriving astatine nan confederate separator betwixt nan United States and Mexico appeared adjacent California successful December. (Migrants pictured are not accused of having links to CCP)

The migrants, reported to beryllium mostly Chinese nationals, were lined up neatly dressed and pinch due luggage arsenic they were processed pursuing their forbidden crossing. (Migrants pictured are not accused of having links to CCP)

Grant besides raised questions complete its implications for nationalist security.

'I want to cognize who these group are and why they're here,' she told 'The prevailing communicative is that China has sewage economical problems; these are economical migrants.

'Let's opportunity 90 per cent of them are. They should still travel successful legally, truthful I'm not successful favour successful immoderate case.

'But nan really worrying portion is our adversaries spot this gaping spread connected nan confederate separator because of nan immense loopholes that nan Biden management allows.

'Of course, China whitethorn return advantage of that.'

Beijing has a way grounds of utilizing citizens moving successful nan US to bargain waste and acquisition secrets from American companies, plundering everything from exertion that tin beryllium utilized successful nan manufacture of atomic weapons to genetically-modified seeds.

Grant suggested that nan CCP whitethorn effort to utilization America's porous separator by smuggling successful a fistful of spies among nan 100 positive regular crossings.

But Michele Thoren Bond, a erstwhile adjunct caput of state, said this was unlikely.

'It would beryllium a beautiful random measurement to spot your agents,' she said, adding that Beijing would apt favour a much nonstop method of infiltration.

Economic espionage has antecedently been carried retired by Chinese citizens pinch US visas.

Bond did, however, deed retired astatine nan Chinese authorities for its obstruction of repatriation efforts.

She said that erstwhile she acted arsenic Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs successful nan Obama administration, China was unwilling to return backmost its citizens.

'They said: "Well we don't cognize if they're Chinese".

'If personification has been issued a US passport, we person a photograph nickname programme that enables america to return a photograph of that personification and tally it done our strategy and spot if we get a hit.

'Now, nan Chinese do a batch much pinch ID successful their organization than we do.

'So, it is simply not reliable for them to say, "gosh, we person nary measurement of knowing if these group are Chinese".'

A group of people, including galore from China, locomotion on nan wall aft crossing nan separator pinch Mexico to activity asylum, Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023, adjacent Jacumba, California. (Migrants pictured are not accused of having links to CCP)

Former migration judge Paul Schmidt told that nan reasons for nan precocious occurrence complaint of Chinese asylum claims were threefold.

Historically, it is simply a hangover from legislature authorities that granted asylum to families fleeing China's One Child policy.

Chinese migrants are besides seldom unrepresented, pinch astir arriving 'lawyered up', Schmidt added, while Xi Jinping's repressive norm besides gave beardown grounds for asylum claims to beryllium accepted.

He agreed pinch Bond's assertion that nan separator was an improbable way into nan US for Chinese spies, but added that it was not without concern.

'There's a batch of logic to beryllium suspicious of immoderate of nan things nan Chinese authorities does,' he said. 'The Chinese authorities is retired for nan Chinese government.'

Most Chinese migrants seeking a caller life successful nan US usually first alert into Ecuador, wherever they do not request a visa.

Then they salary smugglers to return them done nan vulnerable jungle betwixt Colombia and Panama to nan US, conscionable for illustration hundreds of thousands of different migrants from Central and South America.

It is thought nan abrupt spike successful Chinese nationals heading to nan US is portion of an exodus from nan state sparked by draconian Covid restrictions and nan repressive authorities of Xi Jinping.