Same Procedure As Every Year As Bayern Beat Dortmund 4-0 In Klassiker

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Dayot Upamecano (l.) and Harry Kane (r.) observe Bayern Munich's opening extremity successful Der Klassiker ... [+] against Borussia Dortmund (Photo by Bernd Thissen/picture confederation via Getty Images)

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It is nan aforesaid process arsenic each year. Unbeaten successful 17 games, Borussia Dortmund seemed ripe to triumph their first Klassiker against Bayern Munich since 2018, particularly aft nan Rekordmeister mislaid 2-1 to 3. Liga broadside Saarbrücken earlier this week successful nan DFB Pokal. But alternatively than making it a contest, nan crippled was effectually complete aft 9 minutes arsenic Dayot Upamecano (4’) and Harry Kane (9’) scored quickly.

Dortmund past pushed but vanished nan first half without a azygous changeable connected goal. The champion chance was produced by Donyell Malen conscionable earlier halftime, but his coiled effort conscionable went complete nan crossbar of Manuel Neuer’s goal.

“We needed immoderate clip to benignant ourselves,” sporting head Sebastian Kehl said aft nan crippled erstwhile asked astir nan 2 early goals. “But astatine that point, nan crippled was beautiful overmuch done arsenic Bayern were very ascendant and utilized counter-attacking situations to wounded america pinch their speed. They utilized nan room that we made disposable to them, and moreover though Gregor Kobel kept america successful it; it conscionable wasn’t a bully crippled by us, and it is thing we must unrecorded with.”

Goalkeeper Kobel made 2 awesome stops early to support Dortmund successful it. In fact, location was a consciousness successful nan first 20 minutes of nan 2nd half that Dortmund could possibly find a measurement backmost into nan game. But past Edin Terzic started to make respective substitutes that some helped and wounded Dortmund. An statement could beryllium made that Felix Nmecha for Salih Özcan gave Dortmund nan expertise to push a spot higher and put unit connected Bayern’s backline. But bringing connected Karim Adeyemi for Donyel Malen seemed to make small consciousness astatine a constituent successful which Dortmund’s onslaught yet seemed to find chemistry.

Finally, nan large correction was bringing connected Youssoufa Moukoko for Julian Brandt successful nan 67th minute. Although this wasn’t Brandt’s champion game, nan midfielder, astatine least, gave Dortmund immoderate building and stableness successful midfield. Both those things were gone immediately, and it isn’t shocking that Kane would people 5 minutes later to efficaciously extremity it and past adhd a 3rd successful nan 90th infinitesimal to complete his hattrick.

“He was chromatic acold erstwhile he was fixed opportunities,” Kehl said erstwhile asked astir Harry Kane, who was spotted successful nan mixed area carrying nan lucifer shot to nan squad autobus successful a integrative shopping bag. “But his teammates besides put him into those situations, and we made it excessively easy for them arsenic well.”

His hattrick against Borussia Dortmund propels Harry Kane's extremity full to 17 goals successful 14 games ... [+] crossed each competitions. (Photo by Federico Gambarini/picture confederation via Getty Images)

dpa/picture confederation via Getty Images

Kane has now scored 17 goals successful 14 games crossed each competitions and has been progressive successful a extremity each 48 minutes for Bayern Munich. In different words, Kane has been worthy each penny, and Bayern knows it. “As personification who was partially responsible for this transfer, I’m very happy to spot it activity retired this way,” Bayern CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen said aft nan game. “And I dream it continues.”

Indeed, while Kane continues to people for Bayern astatine an awesome rate, and Dortmund now looks for illustration a squad backmost to quadrate one. “We are disappointed,” Kehl said erstwhile asked astir his team’s gutless performance. “We were looking guardant to this crippled and felt that we could get thing from it.” That feeling, successful fact, could beryllium felt everyplace successful Dortmund, particularly aft Bayern mislaid midweek to Saarbrücken.

But possibly that’s erstwhile Bayern is nan astir dangerous. "A battered boxer is ever dangerous,” Bayern midfielder Leon Goretzka said aft nan game. “I suffered successful beforehand of nan TV connected Wednesday erstwhile we mislaid to Saarbrücken; it was a unspeakable situation. I'm gladsome we showed a guidance today.”

Bayern past is keeping way pinch Leverkusen. Die Werkself hit Hoffenheim 3-2 earlier connected Saturday and remains 2 points up of Bayern successful nan Bundesliga standings. Dortmund, successful nan meantime, stay 4th but 7 points down Leverkusen and 5 points down Bayern.

“It intends thing for now,” Kehl said erstwhile asked astir falling backmost down Leverkusen and Bayern. “But it besides would mean thing if we had won today. Before this game, we hadn’t mislaid successful 17 games; coming it was our turn, and we deserved it. We must shingle ourselves and don’t person overmuch clip because we person an important crippled connected Tuesday. We person a chance to make a large measurement connected Tuesday successful nan Champions League, and we will effort to make it.”

Manuel Veth is nan big of nan Bundesliga Gegenpressing Podcast and nan Area Manager USA astatine Transfermarkt. He has besides been published successful nan Guardian, Newsweek, Howler, Pro Soccer USA, and respective different outlets. Follow him connected Twitter: @ManuelVeth and connected Threads: @manuveth

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