Sam Newman reveals why he 'b***h slapped' Ricky Nixon and pushed him over: 'If I bury the hatchet it will be in his neck'

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  • Sam Newman has revealed why he slapped Ricky Nixon 
  • The brace came to blows astatine a cricket nine successful Melbourne 
  • Newman claims he was short-changed by Nixon 

By Ollie Lewis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 05:46 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 06:00 EDT, 1 November 2023

Sam Newman has confirmed he slapped Ricky Nixon successful nan look and shoved him, but claims nan arguable erstwhile supplier attempted to headbutt him successful a feisty spat complete an quality interest successful Somerville.

Newman, 77, near Nixon, 60, bloodied after he had been booked by nan erstwhile St Kilda man to speak astatine Somerville Cricket Club successful Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula.

After his presentation, Newman had a particulate up pinch Nixon aft believing he had been short-changed for his fee. Nixon claims location was a misunderstanding complete nan figure.

'It was a b***h slap, yes,' Newman said connected his You Cannot Be Serious podcast connected Wednesday.

'I did push him, yes.'

Sam Newman has confirmed he 'b***h slapped' Ricky Nixon during a heated altercation

He added that nan incident was 'a delicate matter complete a mobility of integrity' and admitted he was disappointed by his guidance and would nary longer activity pinch Nixon moving forwards.

'If I hide nan hatchet it will beryllium successful his neck,' he said.

'It astir apt won't hap again because Mr Nixon won't beryllium advocating my services because we will astir apt disassociate ourselves everlastingly from immoderate contractual arrangements.'

Newman said he fought Nixon erstwhile he discovered he had been paid little than what nan brace had agreed to. 

'I was engaged to speak astatine a usability and location was a contractual magnitude that I was to beryllium fixed because this was a master speaking engagement,' Newman said.

'I should person smelt a rat because conscionable astatine nan extremity of erstwhile I was speaking Mr Nixon gave a 3rd statement an letter cover pinch what my stipend was and nan 3rd party, rather reasonably, counted nan stipend because this 3rd statement did not want to beryllium accused, if it was short, of pilfering nan money herself.

'She came backmost to maine and said 'I don't deliberation this is what we agreed on,' because I had a matter of nan magnitude that he had (negotiated).

'I suggested to him that this is not rather arsenic our statement stood and he said nary I had misunderstood what nan statement was.

'I said, 'have I? I dream I tin publication clearly, but it says here' and I publication retired nan matter that he had sent me.

'So that is really it developed.'

Newman came to blows pinch Nixon aft he was allegedly shortchanged 

Newman expected a higher interest aft he said astatine a sports club's luncheon successful Melbourne

He asked Nixon to measurement extracurricular for a backstage chat, earlier things turned physical. 

'Mr Nixon came up very adjacent to my look and, successful fact, his chemoreceptor almost touched excavation and I pushed him backmost because that was stepping into my abstraction . and past he motioned to headbutt me, which was precisely nan logic why I gave him a flick connected nan broadside of nan bonce,' he said.

'I don't cognize if personification made a mobility to headbutt you, but that is rather a scary point because if they make interaction pinch you it tin break your nose.

'I americium not saying he had an volition to headbutt me, but you don't cognize that erstwhile personification goes done that motion.

'Having conscionable had a enarthrosis reconstruction I was not capable to present nan correct that I usually would have, truthful I poked retired a near jab, conscionable a glancing rustle connected nan broadside (of his face), because it frightened me.'

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