Sam Kerr's heartwarming family gesture at Matildas match revealed as star flies back to London sporting a blink-and-you'll-miss-it tribute to one of her teammates

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By Josh Alston For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 23:30 EDT, 2 November 2023 | Updated: 23:30 EDT, 2 November 2023

Aussie shot fans were yet capable to spot Matildas skipper Sam Kerr unshackled during nan Olympic qualifiers successful Australia, pinch 1 mini item showing really gladsome Kerr was to beryllium home.

After a slow commencement against Iran, nan Matildas belted The Philippines [8-0] and Chinese Taipei [3-0] successful their qualifying matches astatine Optus Stadium successful Perth.

Kerr was capable to unleash herself against those 3 sides aft sitting retired astir of nan FIFA Women's World Cup because of dual calf injuries.

She particularly shone successful nan Philippines match, pinch nan Chelsea prima hammering location a hattrick to nan delight of nan sold retired crowd.

However nan astir heartwarming infinitesimal came erstwhile she entered nan pitch.

Kerr was proud to beryllium location successful Perth and shared nan infinitesimal pinch her nieces connected nan transportation astatine Optus Stadium up of nan Matildas' large triumph complete nan Philippines

Kerr, a Perth local, strode retired onto nan transportation holding hands pinch 2 beaming young girls.

It tin now beryllium revealed those girls are her beloved nieces who sewage to bask nan limelight pinch their celebrated aunt. 

Kerr has 3 nieces successful Perth that are her relative Daniel Kerr's children, Lola (12), Ruby (10) and Luka (6). 

Daniel Kerr was jailed for 2 years aft mounting occurrence to his parents’ location successful Kardinya successful May this year.

Daniel Kerr played 220 AFL matches for nan West Coast Eagles and has been diagnosed pinch paranoid schizophrenia while jailed. 

Kerr leaves Australia wearing nan aforesaid garment honouring teammate Mackenzie Arnold that she arrived successful nan state with

As Sam departed Australia, she besides decided to prank 1 of her teammates for a 2nd clip this circuit successful hilarious fashion. 

After nan Chelsea prima arrived successful Australia up of nan qualifiers wearing a t-shirt pinch a tribute to teammate Mackenzie Arnold, Kerr decided to time off nan state successful nan aforesaid way.

The brace travelled from nan United Kingdom together aft playing successful nan Women's Super League (WSL) for Chelsea and West Ham respectively.

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