Rory McIlroy's US Open choke was like watching a car crash. But will it define him forever? Not a chance, writes OLIVER HOLT

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In immoderate of nan galore vivid and keenly observed appraisals of Rory McIlroy's horrible illness successful nan past fewer holes of nan US Open connected Sunday, it was said and written that nan measurement he handed triumph to Bryson DeChambeau astatine Pinehurst would specify him for ever.

I don't work together pinch that. Experience teaches you that bonzer sportsmen are tin of bonzer things. Write them disconnected and you've sewage an moreover chance of looking stupid immoderate clip reasonably soon. Trust maine — I've been location and done it. More than once.

Sometimes, a sportsman for illustration McIlroy, who is, aft all, already 1 of nan top golfers Europe has ever produced, reaches heavy down into his greatness to rediscover his extraordinariness, conscionable erstwhile everyone is saying it has gone for good.

So, yes, he choked connected Sunday, nary mobility astir that. I've watched that putt connected nan 16th, nan 1 that was 2ft 6ins from nan hole, complete and complete again, nan measurement it slurps information nan articulator of nan cup for illustration a loose lingua and past wriggles out.

It's for illustration watching a car crash. It's for illustration being a rubbernecker arsenic you thrust past nan wreckage. It's a harbinger of what's to come. It is simply a foretelling of nan 2nd miss connected nan 18th, nan 1 that costs McIlroy astatine slightest a play-off arsenic he hunted his first awesome triumph for a decade.

Rory McIlroy suffered much awesome heartbreak astatine nan extremity of a melodramatic US Open connected Sunday

The Northern Irishman missed 2 short putts connected nan last 3 holes astatine Pinehurst

But specify him for ever? Really? Maybe if he retires tomorrow and lives retired nan remainder of his days arsenic a recluse successful a fisherman's cottage successful Donegal, it will specify him for ever. Otherwise, nan measurement McIlroy handed triumph to DeChambeau will specify him until he tees disconnected astatine nan Open astatine Royal Troon almost precisely 1 period from today.

When Goran Ivanisevic mislaid his 3rd consecutive Wimbledon men's singles last to Pete Sampras successful 1998, aft earlier defeats by Sampras and Andre Agassi, group said that nonaccomplishment would specify him, too.

And it did. Until he produced 1 of nan top Wimbledon victories of all-time successful beating Pat Rafter complete 5 sets connected People's Monday 3 years later.

So McIlroy will get his first changeable astatine redemption successful Scotland adjacent month. And past adjacent April, erstwhile he tees disconnected connected nan plateau successful beforehand of nan clubhouse and nan aged oak character astatine Augusta, trying to triumph nan Masters and get different chance to constitute his legacy.

When he plays his adjacent US Open, astatine Oakmont Country Club successful Pennsylvania a twelvemonth from now, he will get different shot. And if he wins 1 of them, immoderate of them, it is that triumph that will specify him, because it will correspond nan measurement he overcame nan demons that overran him astatine Pinehurst.

Imagine if he wins nan Masters now and completes his profession Grand Slam. Imagine if he wins nan US Open aft what happened connected Sunday. Imagine really overmuch much it will mean and what it will opportunity astir him.

McIlroy's illness near Bryson DeChambeau (pictured) connected manus to triumph his 2nd US Open

There are those who feel, peculiarly aft Sunday, that he hasn't sewage it successful him. I'm not 1 of them. Some intelligibly judge that he does not person nan affectional spot to get nan occupation done successful a awesome immoderate more.

US tv expert and erstwhile subordinate Brandel Chamblee made an absorbing constituent aft nan tournament. 'Golf's only difficult erstwhile you care,' he said. And it is clear McIlroy wants to triumph different awesome much than anything. Our position of him has go much nuanced arsenic he, and we, person sewage older and that has ne'er been much existent than now.

That seems for illustration a bully thing. Sportsmen and women are much absorbing erstwhile they person a hinterland. They are much relatable erstwhile they are flawed, for illustration nan remainder of us.

McIlroy is compulsive and complex. His on-off divorcement hints astatine that. His cognition towards nan Saudi breakaway LIV Golf bid appears to person softened considerably. It has go clear that he has made plentifulness of enemies wrong nan game. Some respect his nationalist utterances pinch a grade of scepticism. All of which is different measurement of saying that McIlroy is simply a normal person.

He has an abnormal talent, but talent does not insulate anyone from nan stresses and strains of life. In galore ways, arsenic play has discovered truthful painfully successful caller weeks, a life successful nan spotlight tin accentuate those strains.

Despite nan monumental collapse, this run successful nan US Open will not specify McIlroy 

Imagine nan accent McIlroy must person been nether successful caller weeks because of nan strains successful his individual life.

Yet someway he went retired astatine Pinehurst and managed to unopen each that retired and play 1 of nan champion fields of his life.

It is difficult to overstate really awesome that was. It is difficult to comprehend nan benignant of intelligence spot it must person taken to play truthful brilliantly.

Yet we are told those 2 missed putts connected nan 16th and 18th will specify him for ever. No chance.

McIlroy is not perfect. He's human. He's fallible.

But he is 1 of those uncommon group who makes athletics travel live erstwhile he stands complete a ball. He makes play travel live much than immoderate different subordinate connected nan tour.

When he wins his adjacent major, that will beryllium his epitaph. That will specify him, not a mates of missed putts connected Pinehurst No 2.

Guehi gives america 1 little point to fret about 

England whitethorn not person group nan European Championship connected occurrence successful their scratchy 1-0 triumph complete Serbia successful Gelsenkirchen connected Sunday evening but, beyond nan stellar capacity of Jude Bellingham, location was 1 reason, astatine least, for quiet restitution successful nan England camp. The build-up to nan crippled had been afloat of fretting astir England's defence and, successful particular, really nan Serbs would target Marc Guehi.

As it happened, acold from being a anemic link, Guehi was England's outstanding performer astatine nan back. When nan squad needed him, he stood up. If anything, he helped John Stones done nan lucifer alternatively than nan different measurement around. He was much responsible than anyone for England's cleanable sheet.

Maybe we don't request to fret astir nan defence rather arsenic overmuch immoderate more.

Marc Guehi's capacity astatine nan bosom of England's defence will thief calm immoderate nerves

Clarke fronted up... now his players should 

In nan aftermath of Scotland's 5-1 humbling by Germany successful Munich connected Friday, Steve Clarke took his spot connected nan shape for nan post-match property conference. You find retired a fewer things astir managers successful moments for illustration that.

Clarke is seldom cheery and he did not alteration that habit. But he answered each question. And erstwhile UEFA's moderator tried to spare him further interrogation, Clarke noticed that a mates of Scottish journalists had not had a chance to speak and insisted connected staying to reply their questions, too.

He did not look a man derailed by what had happened. The opposite, actually. If his players saw it, they would person seen a man assured that he, and they, could put things right.

Steve Clarke did not awkward distant from nan pressing questions complete Scotland's dismal showing

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