Ronnie O'Sullivan's wife opens up on 'soul destroying' pain of watching him battle his 'demons' over a rollercoaster career - as snooker star claims his dad getting out of prison after a murder charge 'helped' get him back on track

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By Nathan Salt For Mailonline

Published: 03:03 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 03:04 EST, 21 November 2023

Ronnie O'Sullivan's woman has opened up connected nan 'soul destroying' reality of watching 'demons' dictate nan temper of her hubby passim a tumultous snooker career. 

O'Sullivan is 1 of nan finest sportsmen of his generation, and yet successful his upcoming Amazon Prime documentary, Ronnie O'Sullivan: The Edge of Everything, nan snooker prima sits down successful 1 segment pinch his woman Laila Rouass to talk astir his struggles distant from nan maize. 

Sitting down together aft O'Sullivan mislaid 6-4 to Neil Robertson astatine the Masters in 2022, Rouass explains really 'hard' it has been to spot her hubby spell connected an affectional rollercoaster.

'I want you to do what makes you to beryllium happy,' she sayd. 'I don't show you to extremity aliases to transportation on. I would ne'er put you successful a business for illustration that.

'I americium OK pinch it. I conscionable deliberation it's astir management. There's truthful overmuch self-criticism progressive and a batch of clip connected your ain to think.'

Ronnie O'Sullivan (left) and his woman Laila Rouass (right) person addressed his 'demons' successful his upcoming new Amazon Prime documentary, Ronnie O'Sullivan: The Edge of Everything

The superstar has spoken freely connected his turbulent family life and his determination to continue

O'Sullivan, who speaks truthful candidly successful nan movie astir topics specified arsenic his dada going to situation connected a life condemnation for murder, chimes in: 'But I deliberation I americium overmuch much comfortable pinch it now than I person ever been. 

'If I didn't extremity before, erstwhile I was really uncomfortable, why would I extremity now if I consciousness much comfortable pinch it? It is arsenic if I person flooded my demons successful a way.'

Rouass is capable to extract a poignant and honorable reflection from O'Sullivan that snooker has taken arsenic overmuch from him arsenic it has given. 

'I deliberation that's your temper today,' she responds. 'When you spot it successful a romanticist way. But nan reality is it's difficult to watch personification spell done that emotionally. That's erstwhile nan questions travel in. 

'"Jesus, why is he doing this? Why does he put himself done it?" It's for illustration truthful soul-destroying. But that's because I deliberation you do emotion it, arsenic overmuch arsenic you possibly dislike to admit it.'

There is an acknowledgement from some that nan merchandise of his dad, Ronnie O'Sullivan Snr, had a affirmative effect connected him.

His woman says nan merchandise of his dada (left) from situation allowed O'Sullivan to attraction connected snooker

In a caller documentary, O'Sullivan specifications his dad's parting connection arsenic he went to prison

O'Sullivan was conscionable 16 erstwhile his begetter murdered Bruce Bryan - nan driver of Charlie Kray, relative of notorious gangster twins Ronnie and Reggie – successful a Chelsea nightclub.

His dada was released from situation successful Derby successful 2010 and Rouass is convinced that closure allowed her hubby to move a area pinch snooker.

'It did help. It helped having him out, and knowing he's alright,' O'Sullivan added. 

'I person done my time. He did his time. We did it together. Now he is out. He's happy. Phew, alright, I tin conscionable play snooker now because I want to play. Just moving worldly retired for myself. This is really bully for me.'

'It's conscionable keeping connected apical of that,' Rouass added. 'Otherwise it's for illustration self-sabotage aliases self-harm, which you person gone into.'

Ronnie O'Sullivan: The Edge of Everything premieres exclusively successful cinemas crossed nan UK connected Tuesday, featuring a unrecorded Q&A pinch O'Sullivan, executive shaper David Beckham and head Sam Blair, hosted by Alastair Campbell. 

The documentary is past released connected Prime Video successful nan UK & Ireland connected Thursday earlier opening successful prime cinemas nationwide connected Friday.

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