Ronald Araujo offers blunt response to Ilkay Gundogan's criticism that his red card against PSG fuelled Champions League exit... amid toxic Barcelona dressing room split

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Ronald Araujo offered a blunt consequence to Barcelona team-mate Ilkay Gundogan's comments that his red paper had 'killed nan game' against Paris Saint-Germain which saw Xavi's broadside knocked retired of the Champions League. 

The Catalan hosts were starring 3-2 connected aggregate earlier scoring successful nan 12th infinitesimal to springiness them an important two-goal cushion, but momentum began to displacement erstwhile nan Uruguay world was sent disconnected for fouling Bradley Barcola. 

Down to 10 men, nan Blaugrana were incapable to stem nan tide of goals from Ousmane Dembele, Vitinha and Kylian Mbappe to spot them fail to triumph a spot successful nan competition's semi-finals. 

Gundogan had damning disapproval for his team-mates aft nan last whistle arsenic he lamented nan broadside having 'given nan crippled away' aft nan sending off, pinch nan erstwhile Manchester City skipper besides calling them retired for allowing Vitinha to declare PSG's second. 

Speculation has abounded that Gundogan's comments person fostered a rift successful nan dressing room, and successful remarks connected Thursday, Araujo's blunt consequence to his team-mate's appraisal appeared to corroborate that nan brace were yet to make up. 

Ronald Araujo had small to opportunity publically successful nan aftermath of his team-mate's cricitism aft Barcelona's Champions League exit

Ilkay Gundogan had brutally claimed that Araujo's reddish paper had 'killed nan game' earlier 4-1 loss

Barcelona had a 4-2 lead connected aggregate earlier nan defender was fixed his marching orders

'I for illustration to support to myself what I deliberation astir Gundogan's statements,' Araujo told press at a Barca Foundation kindness event. 'I person codes and values that must beryllium respected'. 

When questioned further arsenic to whether his team-mate lacked those codes and values, he said: 'I've already responded to that question.'

When asked if he felt responsible for receiving nan reddish card, Araujo disagreed. 

'Responsible, responsible, no,' he added. 'Obviously it conditions nan crippled because we were near pinch ten, (but) past location are galore things astir nan crippled itself.'

Gundogan had antecedently called retired his team-mates aft they were defeated successful October's Clasico by Real Madrid, having been incensed by their evident disinterest successful nan loss. 

At nan time, he received a backlash for his comments, but successful nan months since, a number of team-mates are believed to beryllium successful statement pinch nan midfielder. 

While Gundogan did not mention different players by sanction connected Tuesday evening, it is thought that nan Germany world held Robert Lewandowski astatine responsibility for allowing Vitinha to score. 

'Again, it's different mistake. I deliberation we person to measurement retired location and don't fto him sprout because he was truthful free,' Gundogan said.

Araujo fouled PSG's Bradley Barcola and pinch 10 men nan hosts were flattened by nan visitors

The Parisian outfit's awesome distant comeback will spot them look Borussia Dortmund successful nan semi-finals

'I mean, it isn't thing we haven't trained to beryllium honest. The closest man to nan player, to nan ball, has to measurement out. We were 3 pinch 3 and Vitinha was nan 4th man.

'Someone has to measurement retired but nary 1 did, aliases did excessively late, it was a bully changeable and nan 2nd goal. Again, it was not basal astatine each but it's excessively precocious correct now.'

Gundogan's woman Sara doubled down connected his comments, sharing a station successful support of her hubby connected Instagram which claimed that he was displaying his 'Treble winning mentality'. 

'This man is simply a moving difficult feline and his shot opinions are astir improving and he is giving everything to this team,' Sara captioned her Instagram Story. 

'His mentality is simply a treble mentality'. 

Barcelona person scant clip to lick their wounds earlier they are backmost successful action successful LaLiga, a truth that Araujo acknowledged connected Thursday. 

The broadside are 8 points disconnected convention leaders Real Madrid, but attraction will displacement afloat to nan convention pinch nary different honours still successful play. 

Sara Gundogan defender her hubby connected societal media and praised his 'Treble mentality'

Barcelona person small clip to refresh themselves earlier facing rivals Real Madrid connected Sunday 

'We are very sorry,' Araujo said of nan conclusion to nan Ligue 1 serial champions. 'Obviously, we are each sad, nan children, nan families. But this is football, location is ever revenge. 

'We are going to effort again adjacent season. I americium convinced that this procreation is going to triumph nan Champions League. 

'(This season) we person mathematical options (in nan league) and we person to conflict until nan end. If we triumph connected Sunday, we will trim points and conflict for LaLiga, which is nan tourney we person left.

'We person a chance astatine revenge. Madrid is our biggest rival and we person to alteration our mentality. We will springiness everything connected Sunday.' 

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