Romelu Lukaku is accused of lacking 'respect' and 'HIDING' from phone calls by Inter Milan's sporting director after negotiations broke down between the Chelsea loanee and his former club

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  • The 30-year-old antecedently returned to Inter connected indebtedness from Chelsea successful 2022 
  • A tricky commencement saw him travel into shape precocious astatine nan San Siro past season 
  • Lukaku has been discrete astir his difficult summertime but dropped caller hints 

By Tamara Prenn For Mailonline

Published: 11:17 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 11:17 EDT, 1 November 2023

Romelu Lukaku has been accused of lacking 'respect' by Inter Milan's sporting head Piero Ausilio months aft his acrimonious departure from nan San Siro. 

The Chelsea loanee spent past play astatine his erstwhile club, and gradually rediscovered his shape for nan Nerazzurri, starring to speculation that nan Milanese nine mightiness effort to make his return permanent. 

But Inter's repeated advances were deemed below Chelsea's asking price, and whilst negotiations were ongoing, Lukaku is thought to person opened talks pinch Juventus. 

Discussions pinch nan Old Lady were believed to person deterred Inter, but Lukaku plumped for a move to subordinate Jose Mourinho's set-up astatine Roma aft fan protests astatine his projected signing successful Turin. 

Inter fans were successful nary temper to observe Lukaku's past achievements successful bluish and achromatic erstwhile Roma travelled to nan San Siro connected Sunday, pinch nan Curva Nord distributing thousands of whistles to beryllium sounded erstwhile Lukaku stepped onto nan pitch. 

Inter Milan's sporting head Piero Ausilio has called retired erstwhile subordinate Romelu Lukaku

The striker was accused connected lacking 'respect' successful ongoing negotiations complete a imaginable extended enactment astatine nan San Siro this summer

Lukaku's return to Milan was an uneasy 1 connected Sunday which saw Roma suffer 1-0 connected nan road

In speech pinch Radio Serie A, Ausilio attempted discretion erstwhile asked astir his erstwhile player, but dropped a number of hints astir negotiations collapsed down during nan summer transfer window. 

'I for illustration not to talk astir a subordinate presently astatine different club, I person ne'er done that successful caller months,' Ausilio began. 'I opportunity that I for illustration to deliberation astir nan coming and nan future, Lukaku is portion of nan past: pinch him, we won a Scudetto, mislaid 2 finals, and he brought america an important superior gain.

'What happened? I for illustration not to talk astir it.

'All I'm saying is that location has to beryllium politeness and respect: things were evidently going on, but astatine a definite constituent these conditions came to an end. 

'There are deals that don't get done, but if location is respect it is ne'er a problem. When, connected nan different hand, 1 hides aliases sends replies via different people, past 1 thinks astir moving on.

'For maine it is simply a adjacent section since July 8, location are nary regrets.'

'The celebrated telephone telephone to Lukaku? It was thing decided, thing special. I told Romelu what I thought, aft I hadn't been capable to interaction him for a while.' 

Since moving to Roma, Lukaku has been enjoying a purple patch, scoring 8 goals successful his 11 appearances crossed each competitions. 

His reunion pinch erstwhile coach Mourinho is proving truthful fruitful that location is simply a anticipation that nan nine will look to formalise his enactment successful nan Eternal City during adjacent summer's transportation window. 

The Belgian striker has besides been keen to stock his broadside of nan communicative aft a turbulent summer, but is yet to uncover 'how things really happened'. 

The Belgian striker has been enjoying a resurgence of goalscoring form, pinch 8 successful 11 ties

Lukaku has settled good astatine Roma and location are whisperings nan nine whitethorn wish to make his move imperishable is possible

Speaking to nan media up of Belgium's astir caller spate of world matches, Lukaku claimed that he will 'speak erstwhile nan clip is right'. 

'There were moments erstwhile I felt for illustration I could detonate and 5 years agone I astir apt would’ve done,' Lukaku added. 'Now I americium concentrated only connected what I tin do best, which is playing football. I worked difficult each summer.' 

Question marks complete Lukaku's early were brought to a caput aft incoming Chelsea coach Mauricio Pochettino deemed nan guardant surplus to his requirements. 

Lukaku did not recreation pinch nan squad for their pre-season circuit of nan US - on pinch galore players who later near arsenic portion of nan westbound London club's summertime occurrence sale.  


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