Robert De Niro Yells ‘Shame On You’ And Other Outbursts During Gender Discrimination Trial

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Actor Robert De Niro is connected civilian proceedings this week complete claims of gender favoritism revenge by his erstwhile assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, which nan character denies.

Robert De Niro departing tribunal connected Monday successful New York. (Photo by David Dee Delgado/Getty Images)

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Key Facts

De Niro testified Monday and Tuesday this week successful a New York court, successful 1 lawsuit reportedly yelling: “Shame connected you, Chase Robinson!” astatine his erstwhile adjunct successful consequence to an allegation he wanted her to scratch his backmost alternatively of utilizing a back-scratching device, earlier softly apologizing.

When lawyer Andrew Macurdy asked De Niro whether it was existent he sometimes urinated while connected nan telephone pinch Robinson, he reportedly replied: “Give maine a break pinch this nonsense. You sewage america each present for this?”

De Niro reportedly called nan lawsuit delirium connected aggregate occasions, astatine 1 constituent stating: “The full lawsuit is nonsense. It’s absurd. But I’m here.”

The character many times denied claims that he treated Robinson successful a discriminatory measurement aliases asked her to execute inappropriate tasks, stating: “It is not for illustration I’m asking for her to spell retired location and scrape floors and mop nan floor. So this is each nonsense.”

When Robinson’s lawyer asked De Niro if he considered Robinson a conscientious employee, he reportedly replied: “Not aft everything I’m going done now.”

De Niro besides defended himself calling Robinson while she was astatine her grandmother’s ceremonial truthful she could acquisition autobus tickets for his son, claiming that Robinson had told him location would beryllium a clip wherever she would beryllium capable to return a telephone call, stating: “I don't cognize if they were putting nan assemblage successful nan crushed aliases astatine a aftermath aliases something."

Key Background

De Niro and Robinson person been successful a ineligible back-and-forth since 2019, erstwhile his Canal Productions institution sued her, accusing her of embezzling money and often watching Netflix while connected nan job. Robinson, who first started arsenic an adjunct to De Niro successful 2008 and later worked arsenic vice president of accumulation and finance astatine Canal, was accused of spending thousands of dollars connected nan institution paper for individual recreation and edifice expenses, arsenic good arsenic allegedly utilizing 3 cardinal of De Niro’s predominant flyer points for individual trips and transferring a further 5 cardinal points to her ain relationship (she reportedly said De Niro approved nan transfer). Robinson sued De Niro 2 months aft nan Canal lawsuit, accusing nan character of gender favoritism and retaliation. Robinson alleged she was paid little than a antheral worker who had worked for De Niro for a overmuch shorter play of clip than herself, and she alleged her tasks included home jobs for illustration cleaning and decorating his townhouse contempt her promotions to an executive position. Robinson’s tasks astatine De Niro’s location sparked tensions pinch his girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, who reportedly accused Robinson of being successful emotion pinch De Niro and demanded he prosecute personification else. Robinson was reportedly stripped of her tasks astatine nan townhouse and resigned soon after, successful April 2019.

Big Number

$12 million. That’s really overmuch Robinson is suing De Niro for successful damages, reportedly for “severe affectional distress and reputational harm.”

Surprising Fact

De Niro denied claims that he was “abusive” to Robinson while testifying, but he admitted it is imaginable he called her names for illustration “spoiled brat” aliases a “bitch.” In an audio record of a 2012 voicemail De Niro allegedly near Robinson that surfaced successful 2019, De Niro many times utilized expletives and called her a “spoiled brat,” threatening to occurrence her.

Crucial Quote

“My occupation astatine Productions benignant of had been redirected to each of this gender female domiciled wherever I was handling this housework, and vacuuming, and doing each of these things… It had thing to do pinch VP of accumulation and finance. That was incredibly demeaning and frustrating for maine to woody with,” Robinson reportedly testified.


De Niro’s proceedings comes little than 2 weeks aft his latest film, Martin Scorsese’s Killers of nan Flower Moon, opened successful theaters. De Niro stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone successful nan adjustment of journalist David Grann’s book astir murders of members of nan Osage Nation successful Oklahoma. The movie has received acclaim from critics pinch a 93% score connected Rotten Tomatoes, and it has truthful acold grossed much than $86 cardinal worldwide.

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