Rio Ferdinand says 'immaturity' and 'boredom' are to blame for Manchester United's defensive woes after their 3-3 draw at Galatasaray, as he calls on Erik ten Hag's side to learn to 'enjoy being penned back'

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By Sam Brookes For Mailonline

Published: 17:23 EST, 29 November 2023 | Updated: 17:24 EST, 29 November 2023

Rio Ferdinand believes 'immaturity' and 'boredom' played a cardinal domiciled successful Manchester United's protect illness during their 3-3 tie pinch Galatasaray.

Erik 10 Hag's men doubly led by 2 goals successful nan Champions League conflict successful Istanbul, but grounded to clasp connected and their chances of making nan knockout stages are now hanging by a thread.

Ferdinand liked what he saw from United from an attacking perspective, but was concerned astir nan broadside defensively, and has called for nan squad to go much comfortable pinch sitting backmost and soaking up unit successful games.

'In nan first half I was asking them to beryllium uncomfortable and bask sometimes being penned backmost connected nan separator of your box, slope of 4 and a slope of 5 and not allowing a large spread betwixt nan midfield and nan defenders. They were doing that,' Ferdinand said connected TNT Sports.

'But it's astir doing that consistently, doing that rep aft rep aft rep. And that's wherever I deliberation sometimes there's possibly a small spot of immaturity, possibly boredom creeps successful and 1 jumps retired and past they spell "Oh, we're retired of shape", and they look very unfastened astatine those times. 

Man United conceded 3 goals connected Wednesday and Rio Ferdinand believes nan team's protect woes are down to 'immaturity' and 'boredom'

United's hopes of making nan Champions League knockout stages are hanging by a thread

Ferdinand wants United to bask soaking up unit and hitting teams connected nan counter-attack

'That's erstwhile you request nan sound to opportunity "Get backmost successful pinch me, support it nan measurement it is". Because they've sewage nan players connected nan break, Rasmus Hojlund connected nan break is phenomenal, nan head said that's 1 of nan reasons he's successful nan squad today.

'Antony had nan beating of nan afloat backmost coming and Garnacho could get successful astatine will. When you've sewage those 3 types of players connected nan counter-attack, you tin spend to beryllium backmost and beryllium compact, and they were astatine times, but not for agelong capable periods.'

Individual errors proved costly connected Wednesday night, pinch goalkeeper Andre Onana not covering himself successful glory for either of Galatasaray's first 2 goals.

But Ferdinand is much worried by United's wide attack to European matches. The Red Devils haven't struggled successful beforehand of extremity successful nan Champions League this season, but that has not sewage them affirmative results arsenic they person consistently thrown distant leads, and Ferdinand feels this is creating intelligence scars that are difficult to overcome. 

'You can't spell into a Champions League run and people 9 goals successful 3 distant games and person 1 constituent astatine nan extremity of it,' he said.

'I deliberation that shows you there's a deficiency of equilibrium successful nan squad astatine nan moment. Yes, they tin get goals and yes, they are attacking astatine will and creating chances, galore of them coming done Bruno, but I deliberation defensively they conscionable made mistakes. 

Ferdinand admitted Andre Onana was astatine responsibility for Galatasaray's first 2 goals successful Istanbul

But he is besides concerned by nan deficiency of consistency astatine nan backmost from Erik 10 Hag's side

I deliberation nan keeper coming has to clasp his hands up and opportunity "Yep, I was astatine responsibility for a mates of goals". He should do better. 

But I deliberation nan head will beryllium scratching his caput and reasoning nan crippled scheme successful nan first half worked perfectly. And past each of a abrupt they people a goal, it changes nan full move of nan game. They were 2-0 up, 2-1, and you're reasoning "wow, I group nan squad up perfectly well, they executed, but past a correction costs us". 

'There's a batch of mobility marks successful nan capacity and nan measurement they're going astir things astatine nan moment, but equilibrium is 1 of nan cardinal aspects that they've sewage to really find. We mentioned successful commentary, scars from throwing distant leads. Those are difficult to get away, you've sewage to really negociate games. 

'They've sewage to do that, not complete 1 aliases 2 aliases 3 games, they've sewage to do that complete a play of games now truthful they tin erase those scars that they've created and they've grown done throwing distant leads, particularly successful Europe.'


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