Ricky Ponting reveals shock job offer that would've left Aussie cricket fans outraged if he'd accepted it

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  • Ricky Ponting was approached by nan BCCI 
  • He politely declined India's attack to coach them 
  • Ponting says toll of travelling nan world is reliable to accept 

By NCA NewsWire

Published: 07:09 EDT, 23 May 2024 | Updated: 07:10 EDT, 23 May 2024

Ricky Ponting has flagged nan thought of 1 time coaching Australia aft revealing he was sounded retired for nan Indian job.

The Australian legend, who has served part-time and mentor roles pinch nan Australian squad since his status arsenic a player, said he would 'love' to coach a nationalist squad erstwhile commitments successful his individual life allow.

That could put nan Australian job, if only arsenic coach of 1 of nan white-ball teams should commitments beryllium divided successful nan early for illustration successful different countries, successful his sights successful what could beryllium a coup for Cricket Australia.

Ponting, who coaches nan Delhi Capitals successful nan Indian Premier League, said he was asked astir taking complete arsenic Indian coach pinch nan occupation advertised by nan BCCI pinch Rahul Dravid's statement expiring astatine nan extremity of nan T20 World Cup adjacent month.

But nan weight of nan job, and nan timing, made it easy to refuse.

Ricky Ponting revealed he rejected an attack from nan BCCI for nan India coaching job

Ponting is not yet prepared to perpetrate to nan arduous recreation progressive successful world coaching

'Normally these things popular up connected societal media earlier you moreover cognize astir them, but location were a fewer small one-on-one conversations during nan IPL, conscionable to get a level of liking from maine arsenic to whether I would do it,' Ponting told nan ICC website. .

'I'd emotion to beryllium a elder coach of a nationalist team, but pinch nan different things that I person successful my life and wanting to person a spot of clip astatine home...everyone knows if you return a occupation moving pinch nan Indian squad you can't beryllium progressive successful an IPL team, truthful it would return that retired of it arsenic well.'

Ponting said nan clip spent connected nan roadworthy being a caput coach remained 1 of nan hardest issues to flooded for him to fulfill his want to return complaint location and that it 'just doesn't fresh into my manner correct now'.

He said he tin coach successful nan IPL because his family recreation pinch him, but that couldn't hap each year, moreover though his boy advocated for him to return nan Indian job.

'A nationalist caput coach is simply a 10 aliases 11-month of nan twelvemonth job, and arsenic overmuch arsenic I'd for illustration to do it, it conscionable doesn't fresh into my manner correct now and nan things that I really bask doing,'

'My family and my kids person spent nan past 5 weeks complete astatine nan IPL pinch me.

'They travel complete each twelvemonth and I had a susurration to my boy astir it, and I said, 'Dad's been offered nan Indian coaching job' and he said, 'Just return it Dad, we would emotion to move complete location for nan adjacent mates of years.

'That's really overmuch they emotion being complete location and nan civilization of cricket successful India, but correct now it astir apt doesn't precisely fresh into my lifestyle.'

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