Rich people’s problems: Super-wealthy suffer just like us, therapists say — but New Yorkers have little sympathy

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Well, that’s rich.

While it’s existent that nan uber-wealthy don’t stock nan aforesaid mundane problems arsenic their lower-class counterparts, it turns retired their “rich group problems” see nan aforesaid spectrum of antagonistic emotions arsenic nan remainder of america — not that New Yorkers person immoderate sympathy for them.

The precocious people commonly struggles pinch a cache of problems group disconnected by their utmost wealth, including loneliness, paranoia and a distorted consciousness of purpose, which tin provoke them to instigate issues successful their lives and moreover infect their impressional children.

Rich group woody pinch loneliness, paranoia and a distorted consciousness of purpose, therapists say. Poprock3d –

“People who aren’t rich | themselves ideate that rich | group don’t person problems because they deliberation to themselves, ‘If I had each that money, I wouldn’t person a attraction successful nan world,'” Carole Lieberman, MD, a Beverly Hills psychiatrist, told The Post.

“Money doesn’t bargain happiness per se, but if you person a batch of money astatine your disposal, you tin propulsion it at immoderate problems and make them spell away. However, you can’t bargain disconnected each your problems, nary matter really overmuch money you have.”

Insecurity and loneliness

CNBC first explored nan idea that life successful nan apical 1% isn’t each that it’s cracked up to be, pinch therapists telling nan outlet that rich | people’s relationships go “defined for what they tin supply to others.”

Affluent group go isolated from nan remainder of nan world, alternatively becoming relegated to nan mini upper-crust organization that understands what comes pinch being a wealth-hoarder — but title wrong nan mini group erupts easily.

“Rich people’s kids get nan worst of it, because rich | parents are usually disconnected doing different things,” psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman said. Getty Images

“While middle-class group are embroiled successful keeping up pinch nan Joneses, rich | group are embroiled successful keeping up pinch nan Kardashians,” Lieberman told The Post.

According to nan Beverly Hills scientist — who knows each “about rich | people” — those connected nan insecure broadside perpetually cod position symbols, for illustration Rolex watches and Rolls Royce cars, successful an effort to solidify their spot successful nan precocious crust.

Such competition, however, only further drives section betwixt nan mini group, leaving relationships pinch an aerial of superficiality that is moreover much isolating.

The loneliness that comes pinch utmost wealthiness often leads to “purposeless,” Lieberman said. Monkey Business –

Impulse for ‘mischief’

“Of course, it’s amended to beryllium rich | than poor, truthful that you person much choices successful life, but sometimes rich | group are nan loneliest and — without the request to activity — immoderate tin consciousness quiet and purposeless, which tin lead them into mischief of each kinds,” Lieberman said.

Mischief tin scope from thing from rumors to extramarital affairs — aliases moreover thing arsenic nefarious arsenic white-collar crime, nan scientist said.

The radiance of nan have’s royal life dulls quickly, and those who don’t person to activity to support their affluence often find themselves twiddling their thumbs.

“They activity retired excitement successful different ways,” she said.

Effect connected children

While it’s difficult to consciousness sympathetic to nan money-makers and hoarders, nan children of nan 1% mightiness beryllium much deserving of immoderate compassion.

“Rich people’s kids get nan worst of it, because rich | parents are usually disconnected doing different things. Dads are often workaholics and moms are often shopaholics,” said Lieberman.

“So, kids are brought up by nannies and deficiency nan continuous adoration of their parents, which is why galore of them consciousness quiet and go supplier aliases intoxicant abusers to capable up nan emptiness inside.”

Little Richie Riches person nan world astatine their disposal and entree to astir thing and everything — isolated from their parent’s “love and attention,” she continued.

This “emptiness” isn’t nan aforesaid arsenic nan 1 impacting their parents, Liberman clarified.

Adults get into problem successful an effort to support themselves engaged and excited, while their children enactment retired to capable nan gaping holes successful their lives.

A consciousness of emptiness leads rich | group to “mischief,” for illustration affairs aliases white-collar crime, Lieberman said. standret –

Fortunately, nan life-altering rumor tin beryllium remedied if nan rich | parents activity retired patient hobbies and make attempts to beryllium pinch their ain offspring, she added.

New York reacts

Famous for their candidness, New Yorkers told The Post they cared small for nan woes of nan wealthy.

Rodney, a retired wallpaper hanger who lives amongst nan able connected nan Upper East Side, pointedly said: “This is bulls–t.”

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“I don’t consciousness sorry for rich | people. C’mon!” he told The Post.

“Rich group person their ain group of problems but they’re rich | truthful what nan f—k is nan problem?”

Rodney besides had small sympathy for rich | kids, saying that Lieberman’s appraisal of their inclination to enactment retired “sounds for illustration excuses.”

“It conscionable sounds for illustration excuses for not being responsible, disciplined and stable. Most group are unstable because they’re irresponsible. They’re undisciplined truthful people they’re going to beryllium unstable and instability leads to narcotics and intoxicant and each kinds of distractions,” he said.

An Upper East Side doorman — presumably utilized to nan wealthy’s sorrowful attitudes — simply rolled his eyes erstwhile asked his thoughts.

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