RFK Jr. says he invested $24K in GameStop after meme stock rally: ‘Apes together strong’

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Presidential campaigner Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he has purchased $24,000 successful GameStop shares successful a bid to unafraid support from nan unit trading activity that sparked yet different meme banal rally earlier this month.

Kennedy, who is moving arsenic an independent successful nan 2024 race, expressed solidarity pinch unit banal traders – who mention to themselves successful net forums arsenic “Apes” – successful an X station connected Tuesday announcing nan investment.

“I’m very alert of what nan mean unit investor has been saying astir nan request for greater transparency successful our markets, stronger regulatory oversight and tougher penalties for marketplace manipulation and criminal behavior,” Kennedy said successful nan post.

Kennedy made nan entreaty to unit investors up of nan 2024 statesmanlike election. Getty Images

“My management will support nan Ape unit rebellion and enact fierce Wall Street reforms,” Kennedy added.

The X station besides included a promise to “punish predatory short trading to nan moon,” arsenic good arsenic a meme that showed Kennedy holding an eagle pinch nan caption “Apes Together Strong.”

GameStop shares were down astir 1% successful premarket trading Wednesday. Shares of AMC, different celebrated meme stock, were flat.

In a abstracted announcement connected Tuesday, Republican statesmanlike campaigner Donald Trump’s run announced that it would judge cryptocurrency donations from his supporters.

RFK Jr. announced his finance connected X. @RobertKennedyJr/X

Despite anemic financial capacity successful caller quarters, GameStop and AMC shares spiked past week pursuing nan astonishment return of “Roaring Kitty” – a unit investor named Keith Gill who played a pivotal domiciled successful a run to compression organization investors who were short-selling nan companies successful 2021.

Gill sparked a frenzy by posting a bid of memes and clips from celebrated TV shows and movies connected his X relationship – his first known online activity successful astir 3 years.

Roaring Kitty, AKA, Keith Gill, is simply a salient unit investor.

While GameStop shares rallied arsenic overmuch arsenic 110%, the rally had fizzled by nan extremity of nan week. GameStop shares are still up astir 32% connected nan twelvemonth to $22.12 per share, while AMC shares are down 24% year-to-date to $4.65 per share.

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