RFK Jr. rages at Trump and Biden ‘colluding’ to exclude him from debates

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is furious astatine being near retired of nan fast-action morning chest-thumping betwixt erstwhile President Donald Trump and President Biden complete their upcoming debates.

The independent statesmanlike candidate complained soon aft Biden, 81, and Trump, 77, agreed to quadrate disconnected without him successful a Georgia statement hosted by CNN connected June 27 and different hosted by ABC News connected Sept. 10.

“Presidents Trump and Biden are colluding to fastener America into a head-to-head match-up that 70% opportunity they do not want,” Kennedy bemoaned connected X.

Presidents Trump and Biden are colluding to fastener America into a head-to-head match-up that 70% opportunity they do not want.

They are trying to exclude maine from their statement because they are acrophobic I would win. Keeping viable candidates disconnected nan statement shape undermines democracy.…

— Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) May 15, 2024

“They are trying to exclude maine from their statement because they are acrophobic I would win,” he claimed, optimistically fixed caller polling.

“Keeping viable candidates disconnected nan statement shape undermines democracy. Forty-three percent of Americans place arsenic independents.”

Biden-Harris run Chair Jen O’Malley Dillon penned a missive to nan Commission connected Presidential Debates, insisting that nan “squandering statement clip connected candidates pinch nary imaginable of becoming president.”

However, successful its announcement, CNN revealed that nan prerequisite will beryllium for candidates to “receive astatine slightest 15% successful 4 abstracted nationalist polls of registered aliases apt voters that meet CNN’s standards for reporting.”

Kennedy is averaging 10.8% successful nan latest RealClearPolitics aggregate of polling.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. blasted Donald Trump and Joe Biden for not including him successful nan statesmanlike debates. Jay Janner / American-Statesman / USA TODAY NETWORK
Donald Trump antecedently called for 10 debates pinch President Biden. POOL/AFP via Getty Images

“If Americans are ever going to flight nan hammerlock of nan two-party system, now is nan clip to do it. These are nan 2 astir unpopular candidates successful surviving memory,” Kennedy added.

“By excluding maine from nan stage, Presidents Biden and Trump activity to debar chat of their 8 years of communal nonaccomplishment including deficits, wars, lockdowns, chronic disease, and inflation.”

Biden sparked nan statement furor pinch a Wednesday greeting taunt against Trump successful a video posted to X.

“Donald Trump mislaid 2 debates to maine successful 2020. Since then, he hasn’t shown up for a debate. Now he’s acting for illustration he wants to statement maine again. Well, make my day, pal,” Biden taunted successful nan clip.

President Biden’s statement situation to Donald Trump came connected Wednesday, nan erstwhile president’s time disconnected from nan Manhattan hush money proceedings proceedings. AP

Kenedy’s vice statesmanlike pick, Nicole Shanahan, quickly backed him up.

“When @RobertKennedyJr debates these 2 troubled Presidents, he will triumph bigly,” she posted connected X.

Biden’s squad requested that a statement beryllium constricted to conscionable nan candidates and a moderator, eschewing nan accepted audience. Additionally, nan run insisted that nan microphones only beryllium unrecorded erstwhile candidates are speaking — to preclude Trump from interrupting.

Trump, who skipped each 2024 GOP verbal rumbles, has agelong needled Biden complete nan debates, issuing perennial taunts and chiding that nan president was excessively frightened to look him.

He wasted small clip accepting Biden’s challenge. And erstwhile Biden followed up by revealing an induce he had from CNN, Trump quickly accepted that arsenic well.

The statement is now slated for Atlanta, Georgia astatine 9 p.m. connected June 27, sidestepping nan planned trio of verbal bouts nan CPD had slated for nan fall.

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